Sex & The Spartan: Rules to live by

College is defined by sexual tension. Most of us have sex, enjoy sex, or have awkwardly walked in on our roommates having sex. So why don’t we just talk about it? At Castleton, learning doesn’t happen just in class… it happens in the library…or the bedroom. It happens everywhere. I’m MAE and this is Sex & the Spartan.
I’ve always loved starting a new school year, not because I got new classes and was one year closer to graduating, but because it meant I had the chance to meet new people.  I’m sure by now you’ve met at least a handful of new people.
 I’m also willing bet you’ve thought about sleeping with at least one of them.
I’m not about to tell you that it’s a bad idea to have those feelings or even to act on them if the opportunity presents itself. I am possibly the biggest supporter on Castleton’s campus of exploring your sexuality and having your needs met. So I talked to my closest friends and found a few things we wish would have been more clearly implied before we started undressing that would have saved us a lot of confusion and torment over the past four years.
First, just because you spent a night together, do not assume you two are together, a couple, or any label other than friends. I’ve made this mistake my fair share and it takes an emotional toll after a while. You see someone every day, you spend the night together often, you eat a romantic dinner at Huden. That does not mean you’re together; it means you’re friends who take each other’s clothes off.
Second (closely related to lesson one), if you sleep with someone, you can’t expect them to want to settle down with you. You know the old saying, “Who wants to buy the cow when they can get the milk for free?” Well…. It’s true.  Especially when there are hundreds of other people they can get milk from free of charge.
Third, if they say they are not looking for a relationship or anything serious, they mean it. You taking your clothes off won’t change that about them. It will only lead to you feeling bad about yourself.
Fourth, there are pathways everywhere at Castleton. If you’re on the first or second floors of any building, chances are someone will see you. Save yourself the embarrassment and close your blinds.  
And last, but certainly not least, unprotected sex is not “cool,” it’s dangerous for your health. STIs are real and they are on Castleton’s campus. The Wellness Center offers products between $1 and $5 ranging from good old latex condoms to female condoms, dental dams to lubricants. Don’t let the dollar sign throw you off and stop you from stopping by the Wellness center to pick up some protection! They still offer condoms free of charge.  Trust me a $1 is much cheaper than it costs to treat gonorrhea.
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