SGA to work with alums

At the Student Government Association meeting on Feb. 29 a member of the Alumni Board approached congress about uniting forces.
Ray Sevigny, president of the Alumni Association Board, told the SGA about his hopes for more unity between alums and the SGA.
One idea was the creation of a “catalog-yearbook” that would compile the last 10 years and continue on so that alumni from all generations could access names and faces of Spartans past.
His idea was enthusiastically received and a new committee is in the works to help with the project and to support the Alumni Association Board.   
Sevigny said he hopes that by coupling the two groups, alumni will gain more support from academic and administrative officials at Castleton.
“President (Dave) Wolk has given even more support to the SGA in the past than to the Alumni Board,” Sevigny said.
In other news, Spring Weekend is approaching quickly and there are many plans in the works. A music festival on the president’s lawn, vendors and Spartan spirit activities are all planned to ensure an excellent, safe and fun Spring Weekend.
Additional concerns brought up at the SGA meeting were in regards to serious policy changes, discrepancies in the handbooks and constitutions and the continued lack of communication between committees, congress and CAB. SGA President Stephanie Terry even  suggested the need for a new committee to revise the handbook, regulate and streamline policies and ensure the continued success of their group.
And as parking continues to be an issue for residents and commuters alike, new SGA delegate Steve Reilly, who is running for SGA president next semester, has taken the initiative to begin researching the parking issue in hopes to create a real change.
After designing a short, but concise, survey regarding students, staff and faculty feelings about the parking situation, an email was sent out seeking further input including suggestions for possible solutions.


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