Pub Night numbers dwindling

The Spartan Room in Huden Dining Hall transforms every Wednesday night from a place where students scarf down food as fast as possible to Pub Night, where students can come and relax and listen to music played by their peers. 
The only problem is, very few students at Castleton seem interested in attending. 
Pub Night was developed as an idea in Professor Philip Lamy’s sociology class. The thought was to create a place for students to go and be a part of the Castleton State community. However, Pub Night organizers say there has seen a dramatic decrease in the attendance this school year.
“This semester and last semester there hasn’t been a great turn out,” said freshman and Pub Night regular, Kate Cusson. “Sometimes it’s just the band there jamming by themselves.”
    But are the students at Castleton State uninterested in Pub Night or is there more that can be done to spread the word?
“You don’t see a lot of advertising for Pub Night,” said senior Isaac French. “I think they could send out e-mails or something to get the students interested in [Pub Night] again.” 
Keith Haley, a junior who has been put in charge of advertising for Pub Night, said he and others are working to make students more aware of it across the campus. 
“We have started sending out the emails again and we have created a Facebook page that tells people who’s performing and when Pub Night is going to be held. We’re really hoping that it draws students back,” Haley said.
The lack of attendance has been frustrating for both performers and organizers.
“It’s just hard with all of the hoops you have to jump through to put a show together,” Haley said “There is a lot of paperwork that has to be done. You have to get the acts and other ideas approved by the school, then you have to get everyone to agree on what should be played.  It’s just really disappointing when you put it all together and only five to 10 people show up.”  
French, who is known across the CSC campus for his singing voice, has been a victim of the poor attendance at Pub Night. 
“I use to perform at Pub Night last year but no one really goes this year, and I don’t really want to perform for three people,” French said. 
Despite the dwindling numbers in attendance, some students still believe that it has a place and a purpose at Castleton.
“It’s just really hard to organize the space, the time, and all the music. But when it does get organized, it’s awesome!” said Cusson.
The students who have been working to promote Pub Night hope to see bigger crowds as they prepare for the next one this Wednesday at 8 p.m.


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