Review:Fireflight- NOW

Unlike most bands I follow, Fireflight has been releasing albums in the spring of every even year since 2004 like clockwork.
It’s unbelievable to have a band deliver so reliably on a timeline while also steadily improving in quality. Their latest release, “Now,” builds on everything they’ve been doing for the past eight years while simultaneously mixing in new and unique features.
Don’t let that last line scare you; if you’ve liked Fireflight for a while, there’s no chance you won’t like this album. They haven’t included anything so radically different as to turn off returning fans.
In fact, there are a few spiritual (literally) sequels on this album, with “He Weeps” following directly in the path of “Name,” and “Stronger Than You Think” seeming very much like “Fire in My Eyes.”
The standout piece on Now is “Escape;” it’s the only song I can describe as haunting without it having the Evanescence quality of creepiness.
Dawn’s piercing vocals combine with Justin’s more gritty voice in a sort of call-and-response pattern throughout the song, and it’s unlike anything I’ve heard by them.
This album combines healthy doses of inspiration, heavy alternative rock, and great vocals in a tight 10-song package. There’s no reason not to grab this and check it out. 
– Nick Minarik

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