Find your true colors at the Wellness Center

Apparently I possess a superior intellect and 98% of the time I’m always right. It appears that I am efficient, rational, unique, a great planner, and under control. Though precise, I’m not repetitive. I’m calm, but not emotional. Others may see me as critical, unappreciative, arrogant, and eccentric. In conversation I tend to rely on the facts, avoid the small talk, and argue any side of an issue. Sometimes I worry that I am not being understood.
My true color is green and I wish I could meet others greens, perhaps some blue, orange and gold people too. But I was the sole attendee at “Mix It Up,” held in the 1787 Room on March 1, and the only student who found out his or her True Color.
“We were going to hold ‘Five Steps’ program,” said Amy Bremel next to stacks of unmoved neon papers.
“But then people called up asking for the mixer,” said Barbara McCall, coordinator of campus wellness education.
The mixer was intended to be something like speed dating. Through a simple test participants would receive one primary color and one secondary color. These would represent “what you were and what others saw in you,” McCall said. The numbers could be pretty spread out, and most people, McCall mentioned, are “rainbows.”
On the backs color-sheet printouts were strategies in which to communicate with different color-minded people. For instance, if a blue individual (compassionate, creative, idealistic) wished to talk with a green individual, he or she may want to use clear and precise language and use logic to support decisions.
Bremel added that it wasn’t going to be a substantial evening, but at least it would give people the chance to learn about each other in a safe environment and not at a bar.
“Maybe people thought they would have been putting themselves out there,” said Martha Coulter, Wellness Center director. “It takes courage to put yourself out there and say ‘I want to meet new people.'”
Starting Monday, March 19 in the 1787 Room, McCall, Bremel, and Coulter, will hold a five-week session called Happy Hearts. The sessions will be for learning and developing healthy relationship skills.
The session, said Bremel, would “not be a support group, but a small group setting to discuss relationships.”
These skills, Bremel continued, would be effective for any kind of relationship whether it be romantic, between a co-worker, family, or friend.
Even though you didn’t get to go to the Mixer you can still find out your “True Color” by filling out the short survey by answering each question one through four. Rate one as being least like you and four as most like you. If you want to find out all the other information associated with your color, stop by the Wellness Center and just ask for a copy.

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