Fishin’ for good company, wings, beer, music

The Fishtail Tavern located on Route 30 in Bomoseen is  open for business and  quickly becoming a hot spot for both the Castleton community and locals.

“We wanted to become a good middle place,” said co-owner David Rogers, whose family has owned the Track Inn (located above Fishtail) for more than 60 years. “We get all sorts of people who come in. We’re not just a bar like the Dog, or a restaurant like the Lake House. We’re a place where everyone can enjoy.”

Rogers and co-owner Mike Mamunes, a CSC alum, have been hard at work renovating what was a storage area for the Track Inn into the Fishtail, a project that peaked with its soft opening just before Christmas.

The tavern now offers a wide range of entertainment for its patrons. Everything from four televisions, a full pool-table and dart board to live entertainment with bands like Twiddle performing, drawing in regular crowds nightly.

Other locals and travelers along route 30 are drawn in by the fire pit out front, a sign of the welcoming and warm atmosphere awaiting those who venture inside.

“It’s a great social spot” said Castleton student Derek Riley. “I like it better than all of the other places in town, and it has great food too.”   

Others were quick to praise The Fishtail’s food, particularly the wings.

“Why drive to McDonalds late at night when you can come here and get better food at better prices,” said tavern employee and Castleton student Mike McIsaac, who says that sometimes the atmosphere is almost too relaxing for some customers. “We have people who sometimes forget to pay when they leave and we have to remind them. Even then, they’re always back again the next night.”

Despite not having done any formal partnerships with the college, Rogers says the tavern is enjoying strong support from the CSC community and that much of the oom in business has come from word of mouth spread by many students.

“My neighbor told me about it and now I come here every Wednesday,” said student Zach Richards. “I can’t imagine that a place like this would get any less popular than it is now. It’s good to have a place where you can go and spend $6 and get a full meal and drinks.”


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