Always striving, not always relaxing

The glass doors of the Calvin Coolidge library swing open and Catherine Burke rushes in. The busy accounting student wears a ruffled purple dress and carries a blue lunchbox, shoulder bag and backpack. She drops her bags and begins talking as fast as she came in.

“I just went swimming and my haircap was cutting off my circulation,” she declared quickly. “Scuze me for my state of craziness.”

Some students need a little bit of everything, striving to move forward, to challenge themselves and succeed.

Burke treats her education like work. She’s up early, drives the hour to school, hits the books, and when she leaves she knows the drill for tomorrow: Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

“It sounds like I’m such a drag, such a boring isolated person and I’m not, I have a schedule to keep to,” Burke insists.

Incidentally her schedule forces her to treat her friends like appointments, penciling them in when she has the time.

There’s rarely opportunity for her to lose herself in a movie and blur out everything else. But she’ll never stop working, even when admitting to getting burnt out.

“I want to do a lot of big things,” she admitted.

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