Wellness center offering new “menu” items

Students at Castleton now have even more reasons enjoy sex safely, and they can be found in little brown paper bags priced between $1 and $5 in the Campus Center’s Wellness Center.

Right next to the shelf holding these brown paper bags, there is a flyer boldly advertising “SAFER SEX SUPPLY MENU.” The “Menu” provides information on a variety of products to satisfy any student’s “protection” needs, male or female. It also offers products ranging from conventional condoms to female condoms, dental dams and lubricants.  

Also for sale are niche products for those looking to spice up their encounters,  including a condom called the “Night Light,” which not only prevents pregnancy, STI’s, and HIV — it also glows in the dark. 

And then there’s the “ONE” condom, a latex condom where the purchase proceeds are donated to HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention causes in Africa.

The products are being sold for only what it costs the Wellness Center to buy them. 

“We want to provide them for the students and it’s at a discount,” said Kate Spaulding of the Wellness Center.

Students interviewed were generally complimentary about the Wellness Center’s “menu” plan.  

“I support the sale because it’s cheaper than going to the store to get them,” said Victoria Phillips, a junior.  “By selling them, it makes people think twice about how many they are getting. Hopefully this will also make people think twice about who they ‘get with’ because then they go, ‘do I really wanna waste this condom on someone that I’m only gonna sleep with once?'”

Mark Cohen, also a junior, felt similar. 

“I think it’s very beneficial because the students need to at least try to practice safe sex.  The ones that really want them have a place to go get the materials.”

Spaulding said the “Safer Sex Supply Menu” is here to stay and has been gaining popularity. 

No need to worry though. If you’re short on cash for your condoms and other sexual protection needs,  “Free condoms are still offered too,” Spaulding said. 

“We still offer choices – that’s what we want!” she said.

For more information, you can contact the Wellness Center at 802-468-1346.


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