Spring registration begins at CSC

It’s 11:45 p.m. You log on, select all your classes, put all information in the right boxes, and at 11:59 you hold your finger on the left mouse button. The clock strikes midnight, you click submit as fast as you can, and wait, hoping it doesn’t crash.

It’s registration time at CSC, a time that most students dread because of the system the VSC schools have.

“It sucks. I was at VTC and it still crashed at 12,” said sophomore Brittany Nolan.

Janel Campbell thinks that the setup of the online system is stressful .

“I hate doing things online. I prefer to do it sitting face to face,” Campbell said.

She also thinks it’s like a fight for students to get the classes they’re required to take.

Some students, like Jennifer Martell, couldn’t register online due to a hold on her account.

“Luckily I was able to get signed into all of my classes,” Martell said.

But as you get up in class rank it gets easier. Junior Katelin Moyer had no complaints about her registration this year but she knows the system crashed for others just after she registered.

However, she doesn’t like how late registration is.

“I hate staying up all night,” Moyer said. 

It isn’t just students that dread this week. Merle Bronson in the registrars office dreads it because of the physical toll it takes on her. She needs to plan everything ahead of time because she knows she’ll be exhausted when she gets home. It isn’t all bad for her though; she enjoys the time where she actually sees the students. She is always willing to help them figure out a schedule.

Bronson’s biggest complaint, aside from students who don’t have their cards completely filled out, is when the computers glitch. It’s very time consuming.

“Registration is difficult for everyone, that’s just the nature of the beast,” said Bronson.

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