Fine Arts Center hosts local artist’s abstract art

Abstract paintings and metal statues fill the Fine Arts Center Christina Price Gallery. The pieces are part of a new exhibit by local artist Lin Warren called “Light + Arc.”

One of the paintings is a rectangle, half orange and half red and separated by a pink line with a red triangle at the bottom.

“The inspiration comes from nature, because I see a lot of repetition, a lot of color, a lot of texture,” said Warren in a recent interview.

Warren further explained her work in a brochure available in the gallery saying “the intentional and direct purpose of my work is to be spontaneous and to approach an idea freshly, expressing for that moment.”

Students and faculty seen in the Fine Arts Center said they appreciate Warren’s art show.

“I think it’s very aesthetically pleasing, space saving and modern,” said Castleton student Jeff Blanchette.

Castleton’s Art Department Chair Rita Bernatowitz agreed, saying “it’s an interesting show.”

The exhibit takes up most of the Fine Arts Center front lobby with paintings lining the walls and sculptures occupying the space between.

Warren said the show “took over two years” to complete and get ready for display.

Castleton student Mathew Bush, like the others interviewed, praised the show.

“I think it’s an interesting use of space,” said Bush.


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