Music Preview: Punk Goes Pop 4

Instead of doing another review, I’m gonna do some looking forward to the future this issue. It’s time for a PREVIEW!

Usually it’s hard to preview an album without the whole thing, but Fearless Records has a unique way about them. Their long-running Punk Goes Pop series has come a very long way since Vol. 1, and its fourth installment is fast approaching.

The great thing about this series is that they choose all the songs that you’re sick of by release date and find ways to breathe new life into them. While the entire tracklist is available on iTunes, the only way to get a taste of the songs is through various posts on the official Facebook page from various Youtube videos that Fearless has chosen to allow on the internet. Right now, you’ll be able to hear “Just the Way You Are” by Pierce the Veil and “Rolling in the Deep” by Go Radio.

Being someone who hates most pop music, I always look forward to this album. I’m very impressed with Pierce the Veil’s cover; they’re leaning towards the melodic and it sounds great. Go Radio’s cover isn’t as pleasant, but it’s still not bad.

With 11 more songs that we have to wait for, it’s too early to make the call. I’m still expecting big things from the series regulars like I See Stars and A Skylit Drive, who always deliver solidly. This series has come a long way; we’ll see if the forward progress continues when Volume 4 drops on Nov. 22.



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