Construction noise pollutes sleepy campus

‘Beep, Beep, Beep’ ‘Bang, Bang, Bang.’ Every day at 7 a.m. these sounds are waking up Castleton State College students in residence halls near the construction of New Hall — and they’re starting to get irritated.

Freshman Matt Woodward is less than happy with the lack of sleep the heavy equipment and workers are causing.

 “Every morning I wake up to the construction” Woodward said. “It’s starting to get annoying.”

And the construction hasn’t only been waking up students, according to the Dean of Administration Scott Dikeman.

“A few neighbors’ of the school have noticed and complained about the noise,” Dikeman said. “Our winter goal is to be indoors, so there will be much less noise.”

With more than 100 workers on the two work sites building the new residence hall and new physical plant complex, the buildings are being built pretty quickly.

 “We are not ahead of schedule but we are on schedule,” said one construction worker who asked that his name not be used. 

 That’s good news for all the students and neighbors who have been awakened earlier than they’d like on a daily basis.

Community advisors in Ellis and Wheeler halls have also noticed the noise from the construction.

Ashley Acuna, a CA in Ellis, has been bothered by the noise all semester.

“Sometimes the beeping of the trucks wakes me up,” she said.

Courtney Ianni echoed Acuna.

“It’s very loud,” she said

Asked whether he had heard anything about students complaining about the noise, the construction worker shrugged and said no – but with a grin.

“There is nothing I can do about it,” he said. “I’ve just got to do my job.”  


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