Movie Review: Real Steel

As if robots haven’t been in the cinema enough with the Transformers movies, now we have a new type just as that trilogy has fizzled out: boxing robots.

Real Steel is set in the near future in a world that isn’t much different from our own, except that humans have been replaced by robots in the world of boxing. This allows for more brutal carnage in fights, and who doesn’t love that?

I’m gonna get the negatives out of the way fast just because this movie deserves that. The story is predictable; you’ll know exactly where this tale of father/son reconciliation is going as soon as you pick up on the fact it’s there.

Now for the good: The story is perfect for the movie. Make it deeper and you take the focus off the fighting robots which are, let’s face it, the reason people want to see it. Make it a shallower tale of Fast and Furious except with robots instead of cars and it just would be gratuitous. The formula used allows the perfect balance of caring about characters, but not too much.

The story may be only half decent, but the special effects are gorgeous. The movie travels everywhere from a Texas fair to the “New York Arena” (aka futuristic Madison Square Garden), and everything looks beautiful. The fights towards the end are especially epic, and you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat throughout them.

This is one that you have to see in theaters. The sound and visuals are too good not to see in the full experience, and the two-hour runtime won’t leave you bored. Check this out on the big screen before you miss your chance.


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