Game Review: Battlefield 3 Beta


Since I couldn’t grab a copy of RAGE in time to review, I’m going with the next best thing: Battlefield 3 open beta.

Of course I can’t read too far into a beta, but I got some impressions. The game is going for stunning presentation, which it does well. Playing this game while wearing Sennheisers is probably the best thing you’ll hear in gaming to date. The environments look spectacular as well, but the problem is the player models still look goofy when they ragdoll, or even just move around. They seem a generation behind the landscape models.

The gameplay was fun even though we were only offered one mode, and the gun customization reaches a perfect medium between the “too much” of Black Ops and the “not enough” of Call of Duty 4. You can change almost any gun between full-auto and single shot, and you can take the optics off of any gun (including snipers) to give just about every player the choice of exactly what they want. I was very impressed in that area.

The thing I still don’t like about Battlefield is the class system. The fact that only certain classes can use certain guns (except the shotgun I unlocked which was available to every class) still irks me and limits the accessibility of the game.

Though the limited look-in had bugs-a-plenty, I was still left with a generally good impression. It’s not about to come out and kill Modern Warfare 3, but it made me think about picking the game up at some point, which is more than can be said for the last 2 installments.

We’ll see what happens when the full game drops on October 25.


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