College investigates a fight

Castleton State College is investigating a Sept. 4 off-campus fight between two students that led an ambulance, two first-response vehicles and a police officer back to campus later that day.

Though college officials would not name those involved, students identifiied them as Jake Miter and John Budwick.

 “As the vehicles arrived Shaun Williams, the AC, was in a full sprint yelling ‘third floor! Third floor!’ I’ve never seen him move so fast,” said sophomore Megan Harris.

After the vehicles arrived, students came out talking of a fight and “some kid getting their head smashed in,” Harris said. She said a gurney was brought in to the building, but brought out empty.

“Allison Mockler told us to all go back to our buildings. So we did, and then we watched from the windows,” Harris said

Though the details of the fight remain unclear, Dean of Students Dennis Proulx confirmed that one student was injured and that the college is investigating.

“The student was brought to the hospital for transport and released,”  Proulx said.

Miter and Budwick were both contacted, but declined to comment. Residence life staff also declined to comment on the fight and Public Safety director Bob Godlewski couldn’t be reached for comment.

Although Proulx declined to talk specifically about this case, he did describe the process in similar cases.

 “The college, typically in these cases, would implement a temporary suspension, schedule a hearing with all those involved, and present the outcome to the individuals, since hearings are closed to the public,” said Proulx.

According to the college handbook, temporary suspension is implemented prior to hearings “when a student is determined by the President or his/her designee to present a threat to person, property, or academic environment.” The terms of suspension vary by situation.

Proulx continued  to say that the college, if deemed fit under federal law, can release outcomes to the campus community.

“At this point this is not one of those cases,” Proulx said.

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