Game Review: Bioshock 2

Bioshock 2 was released in 2012. The story begins in a sci-fi 1958 in an underwater city named Rapture. Subject Delta is awakened and confused by what is going on. Delta is an alpha series "Big Daddy", a sort of hero even though other Big Daddies are bad. He is attached to a "Little Sister" and helps keep her alive. Delta has a kind, gentle heart and thinks this Little Sister is his daughter.
There is an online multiplayer mode, where the players unlock many different characters after each level following a 10-minute match.  Each of the characters that players get to unlock has different combat stats like faster agility and strength.  

The weapons the players get to use are a rivet gun, a drill, and a grenade launcher, and players also get to use a strange liquid called ADAM that turns in to plasmid, which is energy.      In order to refill them, the player needs to find an injector called EVE that players can buy from a vending machine called Circus of Values. They can also buy ammo from a vending machine that sells rivets, rockets and grenades. There are stations called Power to the People that allow players to upgrade weapons they currently have to be even more powerful than before.
In the campaign, players get to upgrade their health and EVE gauges to the maximum, and also players can get armor upgrades and melee attack upgrades to do extra damage to the enemies called Splicers, the mean Big Daddies and Big Sisters as well to have them die just a few seconds faster than before.
The music is 1950's style and most of the songs are instrumental, but other songs have interesting lyrics. The computerized graphics are very advanced. The gaming software includes intriguing weapon design, complex character design, and realistic area design.
The mechanics of the in-game chapters and multiplayer are more advanced than many players can wrap their heads around. The game itself and other additions like the sound effects are unbelievably mind blowing.
GamePro gave the game five stars, an amazing review. I hope non-video game players will try this game out and see for themselves and enjoy Bioshock 2 just as much as I have.


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