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Banned books to bookworm: Shy youngster thrives and blossoms at CU

It’s 8:30 in the morning. After checking on all eleven piercings and putting on her mis-matched socks, Trinity Robichaud hits the start button on her Toyota Prius. Before she leaves her grandparents’ house, she latches in the seatbelt for her guest in the passenger seat. Her enormous bag of books. […]


Alum returns to CU as communications assistant

A familiar face is back on campus, this time working as a communications assistant in Castleton University Advancement Office. Leo Richardson, a class of ‘20 alumni of Castleton, graduated with a degree in Media and Communication with a concentration in public relations and a minor in theatre. He was very […]


I can’t look at Rittenhouse’s tears

Kyle Rittenhouse stood in front of an incredibly white jury on Wednesday taking heavy breaths and “crying” after admitting that he drove to Kenosha, Wisconsin with a gun, shot and killed two people, and injured one. Rittenhouse was 17 at the time. A minor. Therefore, not legally allowed to have […]


State legislators debate faculty merger opposition

Local and state legislators alongside various stakeholders have mixed opinions about a Castleton University faculty letter asking the Vermont State College Systems’ (VSCS) Board of Trustees to “press pause” on the current tri-university merger. The letter, which was received by Chancellor Sophie Zdatny and her office on Tuesday, Oct. 26, […]

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From the desk of SGA President Ryan Boeke

Hello Spartans! I hope everyone is doing well. Spooky season is over and turkey season is upon us! In the last few weeks, our SGA boards have been working tirelessly and have made big strides in giving some new and exciting gifts to our campus. But I will tell you […]


Spartan joins Jamaican National Hockey Team

In March 2021, Castleton University hockey player Jahwara Rennalls was aimlessly reading through a Jamaican newsletter when he found a section that said, “if you play hockey fill out this information form.” “Oh, cool let me do that,” said Rennalls, recalling the moment. And before he knew it, Rennalls was […]


We made it, Mom

I remember distinctly the first time I was asked what I wanted to go to college for. My 6th grade science teacher posed it to our class (I guess start ‘em young, right?), and of course I had no idea. Probably for a lot of the same reasons as most […]


Tale of the censored sculpture

Sitting to the right of the Fine Arts Center, on its own isolated patch of grass sits a slab of marble. It is massive, and upon closer inspection, depicts several naked people orbiting around a sun-like object. And if one looks in the top right corner, there is a clear […]

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CU alumni reacts to the VSU merger

The VSC merger has recently been a main topic of conversation, fueling students, faculty, and onlookers to share their opinions regarding this pivotal and controversial change. In addition to the many students and faculty who have shared their perspectives, alums have taken to sharing their abundance of reactions through the […]

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Castleton faculty push back on merger demands, seek “pause”

Overwhelmed and confused Castleton University faculty have asked the Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees to “press pause” on the controversial multi-school merger, in a letter sent to the board and Chancellor Sophie Zdatny on Oct. 26. Concerned faculty members addressed grievances and hoped to appeal to the board that reconsideration of the proposed timeline of transformation events is necessary. Information regarding the letter […]