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CU student rides social media success

  Social media has become a big part of our daily lives, especially for Generation Z. Students on Castleton University’s campus may spend their free time browsing Twitter, scrolling through Instagram, and watching TikToks. But one student has made a career out of it. “I’ve been doing social media now […]

Administration Features

Q&A – Dean Galle

Gillian Galle is an associate academic dean at Castleton University. She grew up in New York, went to school in New Hampshire, and taught in New York City before living in Vermont. After many years as a mathematics professor, she has moved up to an administrative position helping teachers with […]


Students try to save environment one straw at a time

In a world where signs of climate change are more prevalent than ever, students at Castleton University had seen enough. Maybe one person alone cannot change the environment we live in today, but they believe if each person played a small part, positive change could be made. It was this […]

Area Arts

Race and heritage explored in CU’s Collaborative Arts

In early November, Soundings students were given the opportunity to watch this year’s Collaborative Arts performance online. The project, led by dance professor Maya Kraus and choral director Sherrill Blodget, is a yearly collaboration of student artists that Kraus has been putting on since 2012. “What drives the whole Collaborative […]


CU Students help ensure a bountiful Thanksgiving for needy residents

Castleton University students joined Castleton Cares Inc. and the Castleton Police Department to hand out boxes of Thanksgiving goods to needy families early Saturday morning. Media and Communication professor Dave Blow, along with three of his Media Ethics students, this reporter included, loaded boxes into vehicles and directed families to the pick-up […]


Castleton students behaving better

  The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably impacted everyone’s semester thus far. Coming back to school in the midst of a pandemic is stressful, and many decisions had to be made without any true certainty of how they will play out. On top of the stress and uncertainty, just a few […]


Students pass culminating essay with distinction

As one of the requirements to graduate from Castleton University, students must pass a 90-minute culminating essay showing a mastery of writing standards set by the university. And while most pass, a small number of students pass with distinction and those overseeing the essay recently released a list of those […]



This is the first of a series of fictional horror stories written by Luke McGee. Its elongated mouth twisted into spirals that dug deep into its cheeks, pinning its gaping grin to its sunken face. The spirals’ epicenter landed just below its eyes, which stared unblinking at him like omniscient […]


CU students hosting toy drive today for needy kids

This afternoon, Castleton University’s Sigma Alpha Lambda Chapter will be hosting a Christmas Toy Drive outside of Glenbrook gymnasium. “So we partnered with Fair Haven Concerned and we’re going to be featured as a local holiday hero,” said Shawna Baker, organizer of the event and member of Sigma Alpha Lambda […]


A quarterback’s take on Covid-19

Ever since I was 7 years old, from the second week of August until Thanksgiving, my days were consumed with going to school and going to football practice. In the middle of August, I’m normally grinding out practices drenched in sweat doing different drills and being coached to make me […]