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Eastern Monarchs or extinct monarchs?

Vermont’s state butterfly, the eastern monarch, is facing endangerment.  According to the Center for Biological Diversity, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting wildlife, the population of eastern monarchs has declined by roughly 85% since the 1990s. But what’s happening to these once plentiful orange beauties?  Eastern monarchs migrate thousands of miles […]


Yik Yak: Fact or fiction?

The social media app, Yik Yak, has been an on and off again facet of campus life since its founding in 2013 and has gained a certain popularity at Castleton University.  This small message board allows for people to post whatever they want to post, be it a searing […]


Focus on your future

The notion that it takes a village to raise a child is not lost in contemporary society. From my first steps to arriving in America to attend university, I have never been alone, and I certainly cannot take credit for getting myself to this point. It was the unique mentors […]


Where there’s a Bill, there’s a way

William DeForest, better known to those around campus as Bill, is the assistant professor of graphic design here at Castleton University and the advisor of the Castleton Content Lab. Well known for his lively demeanor, students new and old speak of him fondly. “Bill has an eccentric personality. I find […]


Castleton’s underground music scene

Over the past couple of years, the Vermont music scene has started to blow up with talented individuals like Burlington-based artist Kelly Butts-Spirito, creating thriving spaces for music-lovers and performers alike. Butts-Spirito, who’s hosted numerous events under the name, “Love, Kelly,” has served as a model for the emerging hip-hop […]


VSCS lowers the sticker price

The Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees has approved a new base tuition measure that will lower the sticker price of Vermont State University campuses for future students, both in and out-of-state. The decrease, which will coincide with the July 1 launch of Vermont State University, was announced in a […]


Addressing mental health on campus

Why is it important to seek help when you’re struggling in life? According to the Suicide Resource Prevention Center, suicide is a leading cause of death for college students.  Castleton University offers many psychology classes and opportunities to get involved with mental awareness and support. The Wellness Center on campus […]

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COVID impacts a generation

The whole world was in shock at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It impacted everyone’s lives greatly — with each individual having a different experience. Keveon Buckingham, a 20-year-old who lives in Stockton, California, said he had great troubles during the past few years. Before graduating from high school […]


First-year students settle in to college

With more than 21% of Gen-Z being first-year students this upcoming year, many of them are struggling to adapt to the extremely new environment that is college. For a lot of students, it’s hard going from an environment in which everything is so familiar that you know it like the […]


‘Dog Sees God’ Theater production moves audience to both laughter and tears

As the lights dim in Castleton University’s Black Box Theater, members of the audience adjust their chairs to make room for another sold-out show to the production of “Dog Sees God,” created by Bert V. Royal and directed by Marisa Valent-Altland. A dark spinoff of the popular cartoon “Peanuts,” the […]