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Students, president shocked over stabbing

When you think of college parties, you probably envision of cheap beer, loud music, crowded rooms, and one too many Instagram pictures with your friends. But Castleton University students could not have imagined what happened on Saturday, Aug. 22. “My thoughts when it happened were ‘oh look, drunk kids fighting, […]


Marooned in Morocco

It was the beginning of the week in March. The Moroccan sun that had never really gone away was heating up the city again.   Our study abroad program was one of the last standing. We watched as first the Asian, then Schengen-zone programs fell.   The coronavirus had yet […]


Castleton University announces first Covid case

One Castleton University student has tested positive for Covid-19, according to an announcement from Dean of Students Dennis Proulx. The email, which was sent to Castleton students and faculty Monday morning, states that of the 791 students tested, the University has received 84% of the tests back. The results conclude […]


Suspect named in Castleton stabbing

Three Castleton University students were stabbed by another student earlier this weekend at an off-campus party that resulted in an arrest and a hospitalization. The incident, which took place early Sunday morning at 40 Mechanic Street, involved three victims and one suspect, and according to police reports, the suspect was […]


Public Safety director releases statement about off-campus stabbing

Campus Community,   I want to inform you that Castleton Police responded early this morning to a stabbing incident off-campus in the Town of Castleton involving a suspect and three victims.   A Castleton University student was arrested in connection with the incident. The victims were transported to Rutland Regional […]


Incredibly inspired by students after day one of classes

I wasn’t sure what to expect, and they inspired me beyond comprehension. I’ve taught at Castleton University long enough and talked to enough people from 30 years of newspaper reporting that I’m comfortable with people and I never feared being in the front of a class. But this was different. […]


The new NASCAR

When we think of things to do during a global pandemic, attending a sporting event is very far down on the list. At one point, even watching a sporting event from home on TV was far-fetched. In the recent months, sports have started to come back to life here in […]


Covid-19, CU and a 4-year-old

Write a blog they say. Share with the world what’s happening to a family with a toddler in a house who can’t go outside. Tell them that you’ve decided to home school a hyper 4-year-old to protect his fickle lungs from a school that has chosen to forgo the mask […]


They live for what the road brings

The following was written for a Feature Writing class and details the travels of Spartan editor Brendan Crowley’s cousin and her soulmate.   Issac Belloir and Eliza Orlando were driving in South Carolina when they started to hear a tinging sound come from the engine. The two had just purchased […]


A professor’s graduation day void

I didn’t think missing graduation this year would feel so weird – and so bad. As a long-time Castleton University faculty member, I have been on that stage for 15 graduations. So, you might think I’d be OK with missing number 16. But I’m not. Obviously, any stinging I feel […]