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Abby’s ink artistry

Abby Murphy is an artist.   She is also a second-year wildlife and forestry conservation major, which is interestingly paired with her side career as a tattooist.   The 19-year-old started tattooing when she was just 15.   “When I was 15, I did the first stick and poke on […]


Alum returns to talk reporting

On Sept. 13, Sophia Buckley-Clement visited Professor Dave Blow’s Intro to Journalism class to discuss her job as the education reporter at the Rutland Herald.    After listening to her speak, many would be surprised to learn that she is only 23 years old, having graduated from Castleton in December […]


Radio Club is springing back to life

Radio Club is back for another semester, and a new group of students are at the helm. Club President, sophomore Emma Dornburgh is hoping to revive Castleton’s Internet Radio station after several semesters stuck in limbo. “I’ve always been very interested in radio, so they were trying to find somebody […]


A Swiss, Australian and Serbian arrive in NYC

A Swiss, Australian, and Serbian arrive incrementally in New York City’s bustling metropolis, craning their necks to spy the tops of buildings shrouded in clouds. A list 15 items long burned in the pocket of the young Swiss, whose European stature was struck by the often tacky, though at times […]


Some unhappy with AS cuts

The recent decrease in drop- in tutoring hours at Academic Support has been a topic of con- cern for student tutors, not only as it shortens their hours, but how it may inconvenience or inhibit students’ availability to receive such services. “The dual purpose in having that drop-in clinic is […]

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Zdatny to step down by the end of the year

The following are emails sent by VTSU Chancellor Sophie Zdatny and outgoing Interim President Mike Smith regarding Zdatny’s decision to step down. I have shared with the Board of Trustees of the Vermont State Colleges System my intention to step down at the end of the cal- endar year. This […]

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David Bergh new VTSU pres.

The following is a lightly edited press release from the Vermont State University administration announcing the appointment of the next interim president. It arrived too close to The Spartan’s publish- ing day to do an independent story. Bergh also served in several community roles during his time at Johnson, including […]

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Football fans bring it home

Sept. 16 was a day for the books at Vermont State University at Castleton.    The Hoff Hall lot has been transformed.    Seas of green, grills being lit, and smell of great American football in the air.    Before the football game started at 1 p.m. everyone was preparing for it by […]


Montpelier still feeling aftermath of the flood

Even though Hurricane Irene was a distant memory, I felt the same apprehension I did on the evening of July 10 as I did back in 2011 when my neighbor told me she had already left town to get to higher ground. It had been an average, if not excessively […]

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Parking rule changes cause growing pains in wake of merger

When students attending what was formerly known as Castleton University heard of the upcoming merger, many of them grew nervous of the changes they felt were about to come about on their beloved campus. What would become of the library, Fireside Café, Coffee Cottage, and even the food in the […]