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Just how liberal is Vermont?

Ask anyone not from Vermont about what it’s like here and you’ll probably hear “where is that?”  But if they know, then they immediately think Burlington and Bernie Sanders. Hiking, organic food, locally-made wool mittens.  Vermonters themselves often think Vermont is a liberal, accepting place for everyone, failing to question […]

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Analyzing NASCAR’s West Coast swing

The NASCAR west coast swing is over. Since it established this yearly tradition a few years back, every spring the NASCAR storm heads out to the west coast and races at its tracks in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Fontana.  They have a fourth track out there, Sonoma, but it’s […]

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Opinion: It’s time to re-open

It was as if some 371 days ago the clock struck midnight and the people of America twirled the “Come in, WE’RE OPEN!” sign around to read “Sorry – CLOSED,” whether by choice or government order.  Now, a year later, keys are coming out of the pockets of Americans to […]

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The great debate: Millennials v. Gen Z

You may have seen it; TikToks, tweets and everything in between documenting an earth-shattering debate involving side-parts, skinny jeans and laughing emojis.   The debate over who has the better style has become a trending topic on social media. From Gen-Z’ers “cancelling” Eminem for controversial lyrics to a […]

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Letters to my parents

Student Lily Doton writes open letters to both her adoptive and biological parents Dear Mom and Dad, You and my siblings have supported me through everything. You’ve all loved me unconditionally and been there for me when I’ve struggled. I hope that you can continue to do that now.  Before […]

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Sox look to improve on disappointing 2020

After a disappointing finish to last season for the Boston Red Sox, a new season is right around the corner as pitchers and catchers reported to spring training on Feb. 18.  The Red Sox finished last in the American league east last season, with a record of 24-36 in […]

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Parity in NASCAR making it more fun

The 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season is off to a great start! In three races, we’ve had three different winners, two of which were first time winners. The season has seen a superspeedway race (Daytona 500), a road course race (Daytona’s road course), and a mile-and-a-half speedway (Homestead-Miami Speedway). […]