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Realizing that dads get sad too

  My father called me a few weeks ago.  We had just started talking again for the first time in years. He was at the end of his wits.  “I need to do something. I know I won’t get better, but I need a break,” he croaked, and I could […]


Covid-19 leads to a teaching “Miss Mommy”

Today was the first day of school. There was nothing traditional about it. We didn’t put on a brand-new outfit, or fill his bookbag with the necessary supplies. COVID-19 has changed the way my 4-year-old is able to learn and interact with children. All summer, I debated in my own […]


Fall flowers

Garden season is far from over!   There is a surplus of beautiful fall flowers that you can keep on your balconies and porches, or indoors, to brighten up Autumn’s rainy days.   One of Vermont’s most common fall flowers are Chrysanthemums, more commonly known as mums. Mums come in […]


How to beat the loneliness bug

The choice to live on or off campus. In any other semester, that would be an approachable decision. “Off-campus” often meant a short commute from Rutland or a quick jaunt down the road from Sparty Rentals. But this semester, living off campus could mean living hours away from any of […]

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New niece prompted self improvement

I remember the car ride leaving the hospital most vividly. My sister had just given birth to my niece, and it was a change I thought I was ready for. But apparently, I wasn’t. My brother passed away when I was 15 years old. Between that time and my 17th […]


Marooned in Morocco

It was the beginning of the week in March. The Moroccan sun that had never really gone away was heating up the city again.   Our study abroad program was one of the last standing. We watched as first the Asian, then Schengen-zone programs fell.   The coronavirus had yet […]


Covid-19, CU and a 4-year-old

Write a blog they say. Share with the world what’s happening to a family with a toddler in a house who can’t go outside. Tell them that you’ve decided to home school a hyper 4-year-old to protect his fickle lungs from a school that has chosen to forgo the mask […]


Taking time for Twiddle

The following is a blog on jam band music by Spartan Editor Brendan Crowley, written for a Feature Writing course.   We all have our own tastes in music. As an avid classic rock fan my entire life, I found it pretty difficult to find people in my generation who […]


Squatting for education

Everybody’s got a story to tell. Some moved 10 times before they got to high school, some were an only child, some were the star athlete of the school and some got pregnant before they graduated. This doesn’t make anyone bad or wrong, but merely contributed to the type of […]