Area Features

Caton’s journey in journalism

When Caton Deuso first stepped onto Castleton campus in 2018, they really didn’t have an idea of what they wanted to do here. Something in the Media and Communication department was the hope, but they were unsure of a direction. That is until they took a journalism course with professor […]

Area News

Castleton cleans up Main St. Cemetery

Castleton community members weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty to do some good at the Main Street Cemetery during a recent volunteer cleanup initiative hosted on Sept. 25-26. The event, which was organized by Castleton University sophomore Joey Kinney, invited anyone interested to pick up a brush and help […]

Area Features

Answering the burning questions with Burnham Holmes

Burnham Holmes is a part-time English professor who has taught at Castleton University for 19 years. He has worked in publishing, been a freelance writer, and taught writing and literature for 15 years at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Q. Favorite Netflix show? A. “The one […]

Area Blogs

Ghosts of the West Castleton Slate Mill

Sophia Buckley-Clement is a Mid-coast Maine native and amateur “spook enthusiast” who’s been studying in Vermont for the past three years. Though Vermont may not be known for its cryptids and ghouls, this place is too damn old for there not to be some weird stories. I’ve seen a lot […]


Ghosts for sale

Walking through an antique mall in North Carolina, Chynah Boise felt strangely drawn toward a case tucked away from the rest of the store. Behind its glass sat a set of gorgeous daguerreotypes, photographs of Victorian women. Upon calling over an employee, the case was unlocked and she soon held […]

Area News

Worker shortage hits area

Data from the Vermont Department of Labor shows that unemployment insurance claims have steadily declined throughout 2021. However, in late August there had been a slight increase in claims. Jen Jones, the director of the Academic Support Center, General Manager of Sodexo at Castleton Rob Macfarlane, and John Rehlen, the […]

Administration Area News

DEI committee has new leader, plans

Castleton University’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee recently reconvened for the first time this semester and now has a new chair. Francesca Catalano, dean of Health and Sciences, is taking over chair duties from Victoria Angis, associate dean of students, who is retiring at the end of the month. The […]


The bird is back!

The friendly neighborhood bird that’s been visiting Castleton’s Fine Arts Center returned for another stay on April 20.  On its previous visit, the curious explorer toured the lobby and various hallways of the FAC and sat in on a nursing class and a jazz band rehearsal in the theater. […]


Churches adapt to the pandemic

Churches have made many changes and sacrifices in an effort to maintain the church- going experience amid the COVID-19 pandemic. For nearly a year, gyms, restaurants and other businesses have been fighting an uphill battle in hopes of returning to some form of normalcy. Similarly, religious sanctuaries have managed to […]


Spring in your step

The weather has changed so much this spring, and it has really impacted everyone on the Castleton Campus. It has gone from windy, where it has been freezing cold, icy, and snowy, to the spring, where some of the days are nice, sunny and are up to the sixties […]