The bird is back!

  The friendly neighborhood bird that’s been visiting Castleton’s Fine Arts Center returned for another stay on April 20.  On its previous visit, the curious explorer toured the lobby and various hallways of the FAC and sat in on a nursing class and a jazz band rehearsal in the theater. […]


Churches adapt to the pandemic

Churches have made many changes and sacrifices in an effort to maintain the church- going experience amid the COVID-19 pandemic. For nearly a year, gyms, restaurants and other businesses have been fighting an uphill battle in hopes of returning to some form of normalcy. Similarly, religious sanctuaries have managed to […]


Spring in your step

  The weather has changed so much this spring, and it has really impacted everyone on the Castleton Campus. It has gone from windy, where it has been freezing cold, icy, and snowy, to the spring, where some of the days are nice, sunny and are up to the sixties […]

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Wrestlers unable to compete at National Tournament

Castleton University’s wrestling team was absent from the NWCA national wrestling tournament in Iowa last week, due to an administrative decision based on the COVID-19 pandemic that has left qualified wrestlers without the opportunity to showcase their skills nationally.  Spartan wrestlers Max Tempel and Michael Gonyea were tapped to compete […]

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A spring in students’ steps

With a recent stretch of sunny days and warmer weather, Castleton students have been eager to take advantage of it. Last week, temperature rose to around 50 to 60 degrees with blue skies and students living in Morrill and Wheeler halls have been celebrating and hanging out on the balconies. […]

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May graduate is spreading the news

  Castleton University alumnus Austin Crosier virtually stopped by Professor David Blow’s Into to Journalism class via Zoom on March 5, fielding questions from students and aspiring journalists, and giving insight on what to expect after college.  Crosier, who graduated last May, now writes for the Granville Sentinel, a popular […]

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Just how liberal is Vermont?

Ask anyone not from Vermont about what it’s like here and you’ll probably hear “where is that?”  But if they know, then they immediately think Burlington and Bernie Sanders. Hiking, organic food, locally-made wool mittens.  Vermonters themselves often think Vermont is a liberal, accepting place for everyone, failing to question […]