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Castleton students behaving better

  The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably impacted everyone’s semester thus far. Coming back to school in the midst of a pandemic is stressful, and many decisions had to be made without any true certainty of how they will play out. On top of the stress and uncertainty, just a few […]


Students pass culminating essay with distinction

As one of the requirements to graduate from Castleton University, students must pass a 90-minute culminating essay showing a mastery of writing standards set by the university. And while most pass, a small number of students pass with distinction and those overseeing the essay recently released a list of those […]



This is the first of a series of fictional horror stories written by Luke McGee. Its elongated mouth twisted into spirals that dug deep into its cheeks, pinning its gaping grin to its sunken face. The spirals’ epicenter landed just below its eyes, which stared unblinking at him like omniscient […]


CU students hosting toy drive today for needy kids

This afternoon, Castleton University’s Sigma Alpha Lambda Chapter will be hosting a Christmas Toy Drive outside of Glenbrook gymnasium. “So we partnered with Fair Haven Concerned and we’re going to be featured as a local holiday hero,” said Shawna Baker, organizer of the event and member of Sigma Alpha Lambda […]


A quarterback’s take on Covid-19

Ever since I was 7 years old, from the second week of August until Thanksgiving, my days were consumed with going to school and going to football practice. In the middle of August, I’m normally grinding out practices drenched in sweat doing different drills and being coached to make me […]


Honored to represent CU

Sometimes in life, the most unexpected things happen. This morning at 9:10 a.m., my house started shaking!! I had just woken up and sat down to write a column about the presidential election, and all the sudden I heard a rumble, then felt the shake and heard a rattle in […]


CU students care for Castleton

The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t put a damper on Professor Dave Blow’s Media Ethics class’ annual plan to help the community this holiday season. For the past six years, Blow has encouraged his students to get involved in helping local families in need and help them make an impact that can […]


Covid campus equals quiet campus for Public Safety

  Everyone knows things are different this semester at Castleton University. But COVID-19 has not just affected the students and faculty. It has also been felt by the people who keep students on campus safe. Public Safety staff and the community advisors in dorms have had to maneuver around all […]

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Students react to monumental election

Castleton University senior Jac Culpo heard a buzz from his phone. He looked at it and realized America had chosen the next President of the United States.  His phone screen presented the words “Joe Biden is president” and he immediately felt all the stress and anxiety and tension from the last few days leave […]