Author: Lily Doton


Concerns over church and state

St. John the Baptist Church in Castleton has been at the center of recent concerns regarding the separation of church and state, and what political topics churches and other nonprofit organizations are allowed to publicly share their position on. These concerns came after the Roman Catholic Church recently displayed signs […]


Coffee Cottage answers

As students flooded campus over four weeks ago for the beginning of the fall semester, it was quickly realized that a beloved Castleton University staple, Coffee Cottage, had shut off the griddle and closed its doors.  Rumors have since spread across campus regarding what caused the closure, with a sign […]


Sammis hopes to represent new district

On Nov. 8, the newly designated district of Castleton (Rutland-3) will elect its representative to the Vermont State Legislature. Running for the position is Republication candidate and Castleton University alum Jarrod Sammis, opposed to Democratic candidate, Mary Droege.  Jarrod Sammis graduated in 2013 from Castleton State College with a major […]


Having too much free time

I’ve become a victim of my own boredom. Since moving up to Vermont for college, I have had a much bigger need to go outside to places like Lake Bomoseen.  Why would I be going to the lake? I don’t know. I can’t swim or fish. Just being around that […]


The fight for representation

On Sept. 9, Walt Disney Studios released the trailer for their newest live-action remake, “The Little Mermaid,” garnering some 17 million views on YouTube alone. The teaser and cast announcement, however, brought with it a slew of criticism toward the casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel — a backlash that […]


More than my race

​It took me a long time to consider myself a “writer.” And in coming to that conclusion, another problem arose. As I’ve written more columns, more editorials, more anything that’s been published beyond the Notes app on my phone or the countless half-finished journals I have laying around, the more […]


Reality of the overturn

Since the Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade on June 24, which dismissed the federal right to abortion in the U.S., citizens both for and against the ruling have expressed their convictions. Castleton University students and faculty recently weighed in with thoughts of their own. “I was shocked,” said […]


McNair Program Q&A with Britt Green

In 1986, the United States Department of Education established the McNair Scholars Program — a graduate preparation program named for astronaut and physicist Ronald E. McNair. In 2017, Castleton joined the list of schools across the country who offer a McNair program on campus. Brittany Green, the head of Castleton’s […]


Alumni Association annual meeting highlights community needs

Sheltered under the pavilion early on Sept. 10 for Homecoming weekend, the Castleton University Alumni Association gathered to discuss important events and updates beside their own homecoming stand.    While the meeting was not attended by all members and was interrupted by the assemblage of homecoming activities, there was no […]


Club fair ’Fit Check: Jessica Emery

Q. Can you introduce yourself? A. My name is Jessica Emery, I’m an English major and I’m a sophomore.  Q. What are you wearing today? A. I’m wearing these tights that I cut from the Dollar Tree. This shirt, I think, is from H&M. My skirt is my cheerleading skirt […]