Author: Sophia Buckley-Clement


Castleton retail cannabis revote fails

Retail cannabis will not be coming to Castleton in the near future after a town revote failed to pass by 15 votes, 275-290, on April 13. These turnout rates beg the question: Where were the students? Over two months ago, Town Meeting Day ballots across the state of Vermont had […]

Features News

‘The students are my legacy’

Tucked away in the basement of the Fine Arts Center, three offices in the costume shop belong to professors of theater and dance. Behind the second door, colorful lights are strung across the ceiling, bookshelves are stacked high with plays and scripts, and relics of theater department shows past lays […]

Administration News

New president promises to unite

Parwinder Grewal describes himself as a “student-centered president” and right away when talking to him, it’s clear that he means it.  Come August, Grewal will take his position as president of not only Castleton, but Vermont State University as a whole. He has the somewhat challenging task of unifying the […]

Arts News

Event Genesis: student artists make noise

Thumps of bouncing bass, orange ropes on stakes, the lingering scent of booze n’ green, red arrows on the ground, a “Live Music” sign, and seven industrial-size trashcans are what welcomed them to the first-ever, Event Genesis.  It doesn’t sound like much, but once attendees turned that corner off Main […]


Yik Yak: Don’t f**k with cats

I first found out about the app Yik Yak when I was in high school. It never stuck around and ended up just fading away. I was surprised to see the app resurface this past fall and was shocked by some of the things written there. For those who may […]

Editorial Opinion

Feeling some springtime sadness

There’s something about springtime that really gets me in my head. Everything is blooming around me, the world is thawing out, and I feel stuck. Spring is all about transitions, and I feel stagnant. No one tells you how weird life gets when you hit your 20s. It’s all “these […]

Editorial Opinion

Spartan Editor takes her final bow

When I was a baby, my mom was a student here at Castleton. She was a sociology major, and would bring me to her classes with her. She still talks fondly of professors like Luther Brown and Phil Lamy, who were welcoming to me and would let her breastfeed me […]


Growth in a pandemic

COVID brought so many different struggles to the entire world. Some faced death, others brought life into the world, and many were forced to reshape their lives. I was one of those people who realized that nothing lasts forever, and our lives can be flipped in an instant. About a […]


The best birthday ever

April 24, 2020. My birthday. I had been dreading it. I was turning 17. I grew up watching “Mamma Mia.” Turning 17 was nothing like Donna had described. I was not feeling like a dancing queen. We had only been about a month into lockdown. Everything was so new and […]


A taste of home for international students

Packed in beside the Doritos, granola bars, and cans of soup that fill the shelves in Fireside are snacks and packages with branding that is unfamiliar to most of the students at Castleton.  Ramen with a “2x Spicy” warning label, dried seaweed snacks and panda shaped crackers filled with chocolate.  […]