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They live for what the road brings

The following was written for a Feature Writing class and details the travels of Spartan editor Brendan Crowley’s cousin and her soulmate.   Issac Belloir and Eliza Orlando were driving in South Carolina when they started to hear a tinging sound come from the engine. The two had just purchased […]


A professor’s graduation day void

I didn’t think missing graduation this year would feel so weird – and so bad. As a long-time Castleton University faculty member, I have been on that stage for 15 graduations. So, you might think I’d be OK with missing number 16. But I’m not. Obviously, any stinging I feel […]


2020 graduates shift gears for different celebrations

As finals week begins to wind down seniors begin to look forward to life after graduation. But for these college graduates this weekend will be much different than that of years past.   No stage to walk across.  No handshake from the president of the university.  No photographs with friends and […]


The next endeavor

It’s pretty safe to say that members of the senior class of 2020 at any level of education are struggling with the fact they weren’t given proper time to prepare for their next steps post-graduation.  Whether deciding to go to college, pursuing a masters or doctorate degree or applying for […]


2020-20201 SGA and senior class election results

Student Government Association and Senior Class 2021!   SGA President: Patrick Lucey SGA Executive Vice President: Maria Page SGA Vice President in charge of Campus Activities: Adam Murray SGA Vice President of Community Relations: Diana Martinez- Mantrana SGA Vice President of Academics: Perry Howard SGA Treasurer: Adam Mitchell SGA Secretary: Amanda Brault SGA Delegate: […]


Taking time for Twiddle

The following is a blog on jam band music by Spartan Editor Brendan Crowley, written for a Feature Writing course.   We all have our own tastes in music. As an avid classic rock fan my entire life, I found it pretty difficult to find people in my generation who […]


Letter to the Editor defending Wolk

This letter to the editor was submitted to the Spartan Editorial Staff by an alumnus, as a response to an opinion piece run last week. Dear Spartan Editor, As a former managing editor of The Spartan, as well as former student, employee and current donor to Castleton University I feel […]


Silence on South Street

South Street in Castleton in the summertime is, without a doubt, one of my absolute favorite places to be. The hustle and bustle of commencement has come and gone, and all of the summer residents have moved into Babcock hall for the season. Castleton University hosts and handful of conferences […]

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Reacting to the loss of a president

  A difficult aftermath following the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic seemed inevitable, and Castleton University is already starting to feel the repercussions. There was a rollercoaster of news surrounding former Vermont State Colleges Chancellor Jeb Spaulding’s proposal to close North Vermont University with his resignation to follow. Soon after, the Castleton […]


Squatting for education

Everybody’s got a story to tell. Some moved 10 times before they got to high school, some were an only child, some were the star athlete of the school and some got pregnant before they graduated. This doesn’t make anyone bad or wrong, but merely contributed to the type of […]