Scheffler left WIUV in good hands

Over past years, the relationship between the college’s radio station and the students of Castleton had deteriorated, leaving the school with a staff of DJs that almost no one was familiar with.
Then came a student named Zach Scheffler, who decided to take the reins and give the radio station a healthy dose of publicity.  
Scheffler, who was the music director for WIUV just last semester, played a crucial role in the redevelopment of the radio station as a strong part of the Castleton community. Scheffler was behind many of the events organized by WIUV that connected with the Castleton community including the CD giveaway that happened in the fall 2013 semester.        

“Zach Scheffler is the reason the station is at the point we have it at today,” said current General Manager Matt Trombley, “He not only made the station relevant on campus again, but he turned the station back into a staple in this community.”  

Trombley, who is only in his third semester of working with WIUV, was one of the DJs who became heavily involved with WIUV because of Scheffler’s influence.        

Scheffler had a major role in bringing in more DJs to the station and recruited many of the ones on air today.
Robert Wuagneaux says Scheffler was able to attract so many people to work at the station because “he was highly visible and approachable.” Scheffler, as Wuagneaux said, “had a vision of what the station could be, and believed in the power of radio as a medium.”  

Now with more than 20 DJs on staff, the Castleton radio is almost always jamming.       

But as it goes with all students, Scheffler has moved, having graduated at the end of the fall semester of 2013. He is currently working as a website developer for a company in Saint Albans.
Also set to leave Castleton is sophomore Andrew Carbee. Carbee, who has been with the station for about two and a half semesters, is moving to Wyoming after the end of this semester to pursue a career in radio as an operations manager. He says that Scheffler had a big role in getting him involved with the radio station, a place he plans on never leaving, no matter where he goes.
Another face leaving the station is Trombley, a senior graduating in May. This leaves the general manager and program director positions open for the upcoming semester. While neither was willing to give me any names of who they were thinking of picking for successors, they did say there were a few people very capable of taking over.
“As far as the current staff is concerned, I’ve gotta hand it to them, they are a super dynamic bunch of people,” said Scheffler in a recent phone interview. “You need people thinking differently and outside of the box. I love it, and I really miss it to be honest.”