SGA makes new way to request funds

The recent influx of student requests for funding has promoted the Student Government Association to make some changes to their policies.
“We can’t have kids and groups coming to request money a week before their trips or activities,” said Alex Davis, the Program Advisor to SGA. “It gets to be too much-Melissa [Paradee] and I get stuck with a lot of paperwork and extra work to do when students don’t follow our policies so I think we need to be more clear and more strict about them.”
Members of the SGA agreed wholeheartedly, citing that they have been lax when it comes to timelines for groups to request funding.
Students will be required to submit requests at least two weeks in advance of requesting funds, and as their monetary needs rise, the time they have to submit requests will have to be farther in advance.
“What we need to do is table those requests which have come in too late. We either have to stick to our policies or change them and then promote them so students understand the process,” said Timothy Mackintosh, SGA President.
In other news, Delegate Dan Rivers has been meeting with Dean Proulx to institute some changes to the student handbook.
“In light of all the new students we have, and because the prospect of expansion, Dean Proulx and I would really love to see an honor code. Yes, we have standards of how students should behave, but we both think it’s important to codify it in our mission statements and student handbooks,” Rivers said. “Students need to recognize that there is this ‘Castleton Way’ and it needs to be expanded in its importance.”
Additionally, SGA President Timothy Mackintosh became a member of Vermont State Operation Project to help with the tuition and student debt. He will attend meetings, promote petitions, and speak out to help continue the conversation about student debt.
Student Government meetings are held during N-Period from 12:30 until 1:30 on Thursdays. Students and faculty are welcome to attend the open meetings.