Music Review: Capital Cities- ‘In a Tidal Wave of Mystery’

There isn’t a single person on earth who hasn’t heard a song by the American indie-pop duo Capital Cities (their current chart-topping hit, ‘Safe and Sound’ has spread like wildfire across the globe). While their hit single might be getting all the attention, the Los Angeles-based group’s latest album, In a Tidal Wave of Mystery, is a delightfully curious collection of songs.
The story of Capital Cities is almost as curious as their latest album: Craigslist was the catalyst that brought Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian together to record some commercial jingles–neither of them had intentions of a lasting partnership. After three years of working together, the pair decided to take things to the next level. And thus, the band was born.
This album can speak for itself, so let’s cut the history lesson short. If you’re excited by jaunty, poppy music with playful lyrics and some terrific brass melodies, Capital Cities has you covered–In a Tidal Wave of Mystery really captures some of the best aspects of indie pop. It oozes positivity. It constantly surprises. It’s interesting. Songs like ‘Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast’ are in the same vein as ‘Safe and Sound,’ while others take a turn for the pleasantly bizarre (like ‘Farah Fawcett Hair’). The balance is excellent.
Aside from the songs mentioned, some personal favorites are ‘I Sold My Bed, Not My Stereo,’ and ‘Tell Me How to Live.’ You can give those a listen on Spotify, iTunes, or your favorite music hangout. I highly recommend it.
Zach Scheffler (@WobblyGiant) loves music of all kinds. When he’s not serving as music director of WIUV 91.3FM Castleton, he’s enjoying his time out and about around campus.