Movie Review: ‘Prisoners’

How far would you go to save your daughter?

If you are Hugh Jackman in Prisoners the answer is far, possibly even too far.
Hugh Jackman gives an intense performance as Keller Dover, a man trying desperately to find his daughter after she is kidnapped on Thanksgiving.
At first he turns to the police for help, but Jake Gyllenhaal as Detective Loki is too slow for his liking. Loki and the police find the suspected kidnapper at a local gas station and from that point on chaos ensues.
In Dover’s quest to get his daughter back he resorts to threats and torture so severe that just a glimpse of the pain and cruelty he inflicts will give you nightmares.
This is a movie sure to stay with you after the credits. Many questions are asked and just when you have the answer, the question changes.
Should you support Dover or should he go to jail; is torture ok when it comes to finding missing children?

The film is packed with great performances across the board from the likes of Melissa Leo, Paul Dano, Viola Davis and Terrence Howard, each working together to elevate the film.
Whenever you watch a suspense film with kidnapping there is usually a high chance of it following the obvious clichés, luckily here the film doesn’t and it is all the better for it.