Spartan Standout: Amanda Flodstrom

Junior Amanda Flodstrom has been a beast on the turf this spring, ripping 41 goals with one game left in the regular season. The Strathan, N.H. lady laxer is not new to the spotlight. She capped off her freshman year with NEWLA “Rookie of the Year” honors in 2011, and NAC first team All-Conference honors last season. I sat
down with Flodstrom to find out more about Castleton’s top twine tingler.

Q: Why did you start playing lacrosse?

A: My dad played college lacrosse at Roger Williams University. He started the boys youth program in my hometown and once I showed interest, he had the idea of starting a girls program when I was in fifth grade.

Q: Who was your favorite lacrosse team to watch growing up?

A: I live really close to UNH, so growing up I would go watch them play and one of my friend’s cousins played
on the team, so we would to cheer for her. She coaches at Plymouth now, so playing her was a really cool experience.

Q: What is your favorite part about playing lacrosse at Castleton?

A: I like that I was able to get a lot of playing time here and be successful for four years at Castleton. I have a lot of friends who have gone to schools and have not seen the field until their junior year, which I really wasn’t trying to do.

Q: What is your most memorable moment at Spartan Stadium?

A: I would probably say scoring my hundredth career goal this season. Also winning the NAC championship last season because I never won a championship in high school, that was the first championship I have ever won.

Q: What is your favorite bus trip movie?

A: In high school it was a tradition to watch “Miracle” before games on the bus, so that has just always been my inspiration before a big game.

Q: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

A: I have this weighted thing that I strap to my stick that I go into the gym and shoot with and get warmed up for
my game. I also touch the rock out by the field walking out to the field before every game for good luck.

Q: What are your plans after Castleton?

A: I want to be a gradassistant coach for a college team and go to grad school, and after that possibly