The great and not so powerful Oz

Ever wonder what Emerald City looked like before the wizard showed up? Now you have the chance to see…

Vibrant animation fills the screen from start to finish as porcelain figures, personified animals and wicked witches show a different view to the Land of Oz, before the wizard. James Franco plays Oz the Great and Powerful.

The wizard starts out as a simple magician from a traveling circus and ends up on a magical hot air balloon ride through a twister to the Land of Oz. This story focuses on the arrival of the mighty wizard and how he came to be.

Mila Kunis, the Wicked Witch of the West, first shows up as a friend and love interest to the wizard until he breaks her heart and then, like any female, she turns green and raises hell.

The movie was a little disappointing because it didn’t live up to all the hype but overall it was still pretty good.

After the original movie, the Broadway play and the book Wicked, a story from the wizard’s point of view was bound to be in the near future.

We grew up on the wizard being the man behind the loud voice in Emerald City and this movie shows how that whole set up came to be. Oz creates a contraption to scare the evil witches into thinking he is the almighty powerful being that everyone thinks he is, but in reality he is just a regular man with no actual magic. This is how the voice and face we see in Emerald City came to be.

Even though the movie didn’t live up to its expectations I think we can all agree it can all be majorly over-looked because even as a wickedly hideous green witch, Mila Kunis is still pretty hot!

Oh and let’s not forget the adorable Finley, second hand man to the wizard, a monkey dressed as a bellhop who signifies the wizard’s friend from back home in the Midwest.

If nothing else works for this movie at least Kunis and the cute little creatures make up for whatever is lacking.