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Closing the (d)Orr from the mound

Castleton pitcher Riley Orr has been on fire in the first few weeks of the season. The Queensbury native has produced back-to-back Little East Conference Pitcher of the Week honors with his performances on the mound. His 14 strikeouts against Mississippi University for Women in Montgomery, Alabama marked Castleton’s best […]


CAB auction packs the 1787 Room with prizes

When Izzy Segui walked into the 1787 Room in the Campus Center, the excited energy was palpable. She sat in her seat, her foot tapping anxiously on the floor as the other seats in the room began to fill up with dozens of other students. She held her fake money […]


Kaleidoscopes of color

Under the dim, golden lights of The Castleton University Bank Gallery is the Tomásio: Abstractions of a Metaphorical World collection, filled with paintings exploding with layered texture and vivid colors of any you can imagine, abstracting the beauty of the natural world and the emotions it evokes within us.  Thomas […]

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Normal feels pretty damn good

The schools were closing. Planes were being grounded. Stores were mobbed by desperate shoppers. I very vividly remember sitting on the couch with my family in early March, when it all had just begun, asking my parents, “Hey, did anything like this happen when you were a kid?”  No. No, […]

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Smith’s slap has lasting impacts

Doesn’t it feel like Will Smith has become irrelevant after his infamous slap during the 2022 Oscars? He’s human and humans are meant to make mistakes, but his mistake feels like it’s cost him his juice. The happiest people tend to be those with no regrets.  Now, I know Smith […]


Celebrating Black History Month

For the second year in a row, Castleton’s NAACP chapter hosted a Black History Fair, inviting everyone at Castleton to join in the Campus Center to learn about and celebrate Black history. Last year’s event took place in the walkway outside Fireside – but this year they wanted to upgrade. […]


VTSU library plan sparks outrage and emotion

At 3:44 p.m. Feb. 7, students, faculty and staff across all Vermont State University campuses received an email. The email, from University President Parwinder Grewal, announced a new decision to transition to an all-digital, university-wide library and repurpose the library spaces on each campus. That evening, individuals from every campus […]