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A CU blogger’s unique family photos make you want to join his family

Everybody’s got a story to tell. Some people moved 10 times before they got to high school, some were an only child, some were the star athlete of the school and some got pregnant before they graduated. This doesn’t make anyone bad or wrong, but merely contributed to the type […]


Don’t let your age fool you during this crisis

When someone witnesses two recessions, two fabled doomsdays, catastrophic hurricanes, Ebola, H1N1, H5N1, SARS and a major terrorist attack on their home country that altered national security as we know it, the illusion of invincibility is everlasting. Combine that with a young age and years of alcohol and drug abuse, […]


Everyone is walking, how about carrying a bag for trash?

As some of you may know, Green-Up Day had been canceled this year, meaning on May 5, you won’t be seeing hundreds of people on the side of the road with the green trash bags making a difference in their community. Now that I have a lot more time on […]


Racism and Covid-19: A Chinese student’s perspective

With the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries have experienced discrimination against Chinese students and Chinese communities. Some media are not only deliberately expressing panic, but also publicly playing racial discrimination cards, offending and insulting the Chinese without any bottom line. The virus was first discovered in China, and […]


Racing world works from home

I hope everyone is doing well! Although most sports have closed up their locker rooms and athletes around the country have hung up their cleats/skates, the motorsports world is still buzzing. NASCAR, Indycar, IMSA, and Formula 1 have all put their racing seasons on pause. NASCAR postponed all races until […]


Super Sarah

Castleton University professor Rich Clark opened up his computer and went into Canvas. He had used the program before for his classes, but only to post the syllabus and the occasional quiz. Somewhere in his email was the message from Chancellor Jeb Spaulding announcing the closure of all Vermont state […]


Mullen reflects on brief time at Castleton

I didn’t plan on writing something like this because I am the sports editor of this fine newspaper, and I wanted to stay in that arena and tell the stories of how this whole situation has impacted our student athletes and coaches. But something hit me after reading the words […]

Columns Editorial

Not a goodbye

As I sit here writing this, I am also wiping away my tears. I never thought I’d be this heartbroken to think about sleeping in my bed one last time on this campus. I never thought I’d be this emotional about leaving a university I’ve only been at for two […]

Columns Editorial

I’ll bring the flag

March 31 marks International Transgender Day of Visibility. This will be my fourth year celebrating the day, which was created to take time to acknowledge not only the courage and strength it takes to live openly as a transgender or gender-nonconforming individual, but the challenges our community is still facing. […]