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Women’s soccer splits weekend, considers it a success

It was an almost completely successful weekend for the Castleton woman’s soccer team. Almost. With two games, one on Saturday and Sunday, the Spartans only came out victorious in one of the two, but Sunday’s loss also was quite a success. Saturday’s game was against SUNY Morrisville, a small college […]

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What the Hell Happened? Sports bloopers

Welcome to “What the Hell Happened,” where I’ll be breaking down blunders, bloopers, and fails in the world of sports. Because for every highlight reel play, there’s always something really stupid that makes you ask “what the hell happened?” Kickin’ it off, we got some bad fielding in the baseball […]

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Banned Book Week

Professor Bill Wiles and his Banned Books class introduces Books Unite Us, Censorships Divides Us in honor of Banned Book Week at the end of September.This coming week, Professor Bill Wiles and his students will be promoting “Banned Books Week” across Castleton University campus to bring awareness to the act […]

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You would not believe this Netlfix show!

Netflix is always trying to tell us what to watch. It thinks it knows us. Well this blog will put that to the test. While I was scrolling through Netflix’s endless catalog until I got down to the top 10, there were endless shows that are “98% match” for me […]

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Dead and Company is alive and well

On Aug. 27, I got a chance to go see Dead and Company, who, for those unaware, include former Grateful Dead members Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann, and Mickey Hart. Joining those three were John Mayer, Jeff Chimenti, and Oteil Burbridge, respectively. Taking the trip to Saratoga for a Friday night […]

Arts Blogs

My time with Sonic Vibrations

In this blog I’ll be diving into the depths of Apple Music playlists. I’ll find some new vibes, give one a listen, then give it a quick review. All right! Here goes nothing. Day 1. Let’s get it. The following sequence resembles my actions in finding a new genre to […]


Soundings and Connections: What are they?

Here at Castleton University, every member of the student body is aware of the changes that our school has made over the past year or so. From virtual learning to masks, we have all learned to work together to accept and appreciate the differences we now face as a community. […]


Green pass for students

Something new is hanging off the lanyards of eager first-year students and stuffed into the bottoms of the bags of exhausted seniors. It is what Castleton University calls the “Spartan Green Pass”. This little green paper has a huge purpose on campus. You can’t even get to class without it. […]


It’s good to be back

Pre-COVID 19, my office door at 41 Leavenworth was always open for students to walk in to say hi or for a little help with their work. Now it’s always slightly ajar, a little less welcoming, I know, but it allows me to take my mask off. Plus, they can […]


Finding my voice in Communication

It was when searching for something to blog about that I found the subject for these bi-weekly posts in plain view in front of my face, or maybe even outside of where I was looking: Finding your voice as a Media and Communication major” They say you can do almost […]