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Hooper turned wrestler

“Big Trouble” Ben Bishop, the wrestler, is an “Earth shakin,’ pillar quakin,’” larger than life performer who stands at “6’12”, 15% of a metric ton,” and has begun to make his name dispatching of ‘babyfaces’ and monster ‘heels’ alike.  Ben Crenca, the man, is an “internal recruiter for a data […]


What the hell happend? Sports Bloopers

Okay folks you all know the drill by now. Sports screw-ups, yada-yada-yada makes you say what the hell happened?  Good? All right, let’s rock n’ roll. Actually, before we start, I need to warn you that there will be some negative energy in this installment of What the Hell Happened. […]


Pearl’s Poems

“An Apple Never Picked”  This poem was inspired while sitting across from my friend at a Huden Dining Hall table, just a few days before the recent NAACP Pie and Poetry event. I was desperately trying to come up with a poetry idea to share, then she looked down at […]


‘Mousetrap’ a major success

“Perhaps you can’t trust anybody,” said Mollie Ralston, wife and innkeeper of Monkswell Manor. “Maybe everyone is a stranger.”  The Castleton University Department of Theater Arts’ recent production of “Mousetrap” by Agatha Christie, was a captivating mystery involving eight individuals and their stay at a British bed and breakfast during […]


Day in the life of Jake Rick

Colleges are places of education for people pursuing knowledge and degrees in various different fields of study.  But in the shadows, there are people who work around these institutions so that people can continue to further their education successfully in a pleasant setting.  Jake Rick is a Castleton University grounds […]

Finance News

Granger house to turn into museum with grant

The Granger House is one of the oldest in Castleton’s history, and an icon of the university. Dating back to around 1850, the recent receipt of a massive grant is going to allow the Granger House to keep making history—now as a newly renovated museum.  “[The] grant of a little […]

Columns Opinion

Remembering Uncle Pete

“It’ll just be Nana, Uncle Pete, and the cockroaches at the end of the world.” That’s what we all used to say. It was a testament to how much both my grandmother and my great uncle had been through. All that they had survived. The places they had not only […]


Ouimet: Merger will benefit CU

There is a lot of tension regarding the planned name change from Castleton University to Vermont State University, but Dean of Enrollment Maurice Ouimet says that the merger will actually give the school a new opportunity. The merger and name change, which would combine Northern Vermont University, Vermont Technical College […]


SGA enjoying resurgence

With students back on campus this semester, the Student Government Association has seen an increase in activity and membership and has been focused on helping new members and filling open positions. “It’s been crazy busy,” said third-year member and Chief Justice of Student Congress, Julie Leppo. “Student government has been […]


Student rumors about merger debunked

Rumors have spread across the Castleton University’s student body regarding the impact the upcoming Vermont State University merger will have on their futures in recent weeks. Students have questioned the legitimacy of a Vermont State University degree, what course offerings will look like for current students, and how they will […]