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Write about the game, not the locker room

At of the time of writing, the Boston Celtics are down 2-0 to the Miami Heat in the 2020 Eastern Conference Finals, and last night they got exposed by Miami switching to a zone defense in the third quarter and taking back a 17-point deficit. In Game One, Bam Adebayo […]


Covid Chronicles: Finally, phase four

This is the fifth installment of the Covid Chronicles blog from a Castleton University Media Writing class detailing students’ experiences during the pandemic. It was a dreary morning in March when Gov. Andrew Cuomo appeared on my television. My mom and I are sitting on the couch having a late […]


Arnold and Tempel tackle 4x4x48 challenge

Every four hours, another Instagram post went up. At first, Max Tempel looked confident. His friend, Jeff Arnold, was smiling. Sweat glistened on their faces. Sunglasses were worn in some, head lamps in others. Their eyes never lost a sense of determination, yet exhaustion was evident. Exhaustion is expected though […]


Spartan athletes gear up for non-traditional fall

While there likely won’t be any intercollegiate competition happening for fall athletes in 2020 at Castleton University, teams are still practicing and preparing for when the bell rings and they are called back to take on other schools in competition. The coronavirus pandemic has stripped away competitive sports from nearly […]


Covid-19 leads to a teaching “Miss Mommy”

Today was the first day of school. There was nothing traditional about it. We didn’t put on a brand-new outfit, or fill his bookbag with the necessary supplies. COVID-19 has changed the way my 4-year-old is able to learn and interact with children. All summer, I debated in my own […]


Fall flowers

Garden season is far from over!   There is a surplus of beautiful fall flowers that you can keep on your balconies and porches, or indoors, to brighten up Autumn’s rainy days.   One of Vermont’s most common fall flowers are Chrysanthemums, more commonly known as mums. Mums come in […]


The medium of memes

When you look at this meme, what’s your reaction? If you’re young and spend a decent amount of time on the internet, you’ve likely seen it already, and it may have earned a chuckle. But if you’re not as immersed in Generation Z culture, you may be thinking that this […]


Online only is opportunity for some

Castleton University seniors Brenden and Laura McCutcheon recently packed up their family in Vermont and relocated to North Carolina. It was a move made possible by the university opting for all online classes as a result of Covid-19. While some students are upset by the decision to have online only […]


9/11 – A tribute

We live in the shadows of fallen towers. Overpowered by our sheer lack of power. A comforting breeze brushes our hair to the side, But the breeze is from the screams of those trapped inside. We stand above a grave under the dirt which we’ve sown, Looking down we see […]


Covid Chronicles: Savoring sister time during pandemic

This is the fourth installment of the Covid Chronicles blog from a Castleton University Media Writing class detailing students’ experiences during the pandemic. COVID-19 became the cause of family reunions worldwide; my family was no exception. I returned home in mid-march from my study abroad being cut short. In the […]