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Covid Chronicles: Savoring sister time during pandemic

This is the fourth installment of the Covid Chronicles blog from a Castleton University Media Writing class detailing students’ experiences during the pandemic. COVID-19 became the cause of family reunions worldwide; my family was no exception. I returned home in mid-march from my study abroad being cut short. In the […]


Covid Chronicles: Year of the Rat

This is the second installment of the Covid Chronicles blog from a Castleton University Media Writing class detailing students experiences during the pandemic. A little background: In the Chinese Zodiac each year is represented by an animal with specific qualities and shortcomings that some believe can predict an individuals’ characteristics […]


Covid Chronicles: They don’t ask me now

Students in Professor David Blow’s Media Writing class are writing “Covid Chronicles” blogs this semester to document the impact Covid-19 has had on them. The Castleton Spartan will be featuring them throughout the semester. As funny as it may sound, I haven’t always known that I’m not white. When I […]


How to beat the loneliness bug

The choice to live on or off campus. In any other semester, that would be an approachable decision. “Off-campus” often meant a short commute from Rutland or a quick jaunt down the road from Sparty Rentals. But this semester, living off campus could mean living hours away from any of […]


Ignoring the pandemic won’t be tolerated in Castleton

When Castleton University announced students would be returning to campus for the fall semester, it did not come without concern from the community. In the midst of a pandemic, residents wondered why one of the safest states would bring college students back from all over the country.   In his […]


Castleton University announces first Covid case

One Castleton University student has tested positive for Covid-19, according to an announcement from Dean of Students Dennis Proulx. The email, which was sent to Castleton students and faculty Monday morning, states that of the 791 students tested, the University has received 84% of the tests back. The results conclude […]


The new NASCAR

When we think of things to do during a global pandemic, attending a sporting event is very far down on the list. At one point, even watching a sporting event from home on TV was far-fetched. In the recent months, sports have started to come back to life here in […]


Spartan seniors stunned

“Heartbroken” ironically seems to be the best word to describe the general feeling amongst the senior baseball and softball players at Castleton University. With the LEC abruptly cancelling competition for the remainder of the 2019-2020 season due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Spartan seniors Sara Baker, Calli Van Gorden, Jake […]