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From unsung to essential

  As the now-masked faces of Castleton’s undergraduates return to campus for the first time since last March, the emptiness of the summer months has begun to fade away. But, of course, the summer of COVID didn’t leave the campus entirely abandoned. While everyone else was sent home, the custodial and […]


Covid Chronicles: When Covid-19 got personal

This is the third installment of the Covid Chronicles blog from a Castleton University Media Writing class detailing students’ experiences during the pandemic. Waking up the day the pandemic started was like waking up in an alternate dimension. You see movies, and read history books about past pandemics, but they’ve […]


Spiro lightens mood at unusual Convocation

At this point in 2020, most people are accustomed to experiencing unprecedented events. Unprecedented is a word we’ve all heard many times, and now can describe this year’s convocation at Castleton University. With Castleton’s coronavirus guidelines – the Spartan Pledge – eliminating the possibility large crowds, convocation was presented in […]


Covid Chronicles: Year of the Rat

This is the second installment of the Covid Chronicles blog from a Castleton University Media Writing class detailing students experiences during the pandemic. A little background: In the Chinese Zodiac each year is represented by an animal with specific qualities and shortcomings that some believe can predict an individuals’ characteristics […]


Covid Chronicles: They don’t ask me now

Students in Professor David Blow’s Media Writing class are writing “Covid Chronicles” blogs this semester to document the impact Covid-19 has had on them. The Castleton Spartan will be featuring them throughout the semester. As funny as it may sound, I haven’t always known that I’m not white. When I […]


Life of an English Major

English majors are much different than other majors. We, as English majors, have a large workload that requires brainpower, focus, and patience. Being an English major can be demanding, but we love it. We became an English major because we love to read and write. We grew up with the […]


Perilous puppy delivery

It was the time of the year when it snows, rains and freezes all in one day. And this was one of those days. My boyfriend Mike and I were heading to Salem, New York. We were on our way to get our now two-year-old black lab. The gray trailer […]


Hunter’s hits of the summer

Usually, when you ask people with no imagination what their favorite genre of music is, they’ll say some variety of “oh, I listen to everything.” Taking a journey through an iPhone’s worth of music like mine usually disproves that claim, often in the first or second track in a shuffle’s […]


How to beat the loneliness bug

The choice to live on or off campus. In any other semester, that would be an approachable decision. “Off-campus” often meant a short commute from Rutland or a quick jaunt down the road from Sparty Rentals. But this semester, living off campus could mean living hours away from any of […]


No door will separate us again

  When we are young, doors hold an ethereal mysteriousness. They are portals, real-life portals. You walk through in one place and come out in another, I mean, for the mind of a child, if that’s not magic, I cannot tell you what is. But while the young mind’s perception […]