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Castleton faculty push back on merger demands, seek “pause”

Overwhelmed and confused Castleton University faculty have asked the Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees to “press pause” on the controversial multi-school merger, in a letter sent to the board and Chancellor Sophie Zdatny on Oct. 26. Concerned faculty members addressed grievances and hoped to appeal to the board that reconsideration of the proposed timeline of transformation events is necessary. Information regarding the letter […]

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Alum distressed by name change

I grew up in Castleton. I attended the local schools and attended Scamp Camp over the summers at the community center. In high school, I attended Upward Bound and stayed in Babcock Hall at then-Castleton State College. I think I still have a VHS tape checked out from the library […]

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Feeling a little bit ruff?

The group had just walked onto the pavilion grass when they were enthusiastically greeted by Riley, a yellow lab retriever, and Murphee, A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Soon, everyone was on the grass under the warm afternoon sun chatting and enjoying the company of their newfound furry friends. The Therapy […]

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Vape flavor ban sours Castleton students

It’s a Friday afternoon and a 20-year-old junior we’ll call “James,” has lost his vape. For the third time this week. He looked in the couch and the bed. The desk and the side table have been picked apart, too. Pillows, blankets, clothes, and everything in between are lying on […]

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Letter to the editor: CU, you let us down

I once was a student mentor for Castleton University. Whether it was doing tours for potential new students on accepted students’ day, or texting incoming students in the months leading up to their matriculation, I thoroughly enjoyed passing on my thoughts on why Castleton University was the right choice. I […]

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Wrestlers unable to compete at National Tournament

Castleton University’s wrestling team was absent from the NWCA national wrestling tournament in Iowa last week, due to an administrative decision based on the COVID-19 pandemic that has left qualified wrestlers without the opportunity to showcase their skills nationally.  Spartan wrestlers Max Tempel and Michael Gonyea were tapped to compete […]

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Absolutely dying to dye her hair

As I sat in the brightly lit room waiting for my son’s dentist to come in, I felt a twinge of self-consciousness as I looked around at the blonde mom across the room and the brunette helping Cire brush his teeth.  I uncomfortably played with the string on my sweatpants, […]

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A spring in students’ steps

With a recent stretch of sunny days and warmer weather, Castleton students have been eager to take advantage of it. Last week, temperature rose to around 50 to 60 degrees with blue skies and students living in Morrill and Wheeler halls have been celebrating and hanging out on the balconies. […]