Off to NEHC Championship

They say it’s hard to beat a team three times in the same season, and Norwich proved that old adage to be true on Saturday in Northfield, Vermont’s Kreitzberg Arena, falling 1-0 to the Castleton University Spartans in the New England Hockey Conference semi-final round after a defensive dogfight that […]

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Sports spectator policy changes back to normal

The past couple weeks have brought in a new semester, but with it there have been some changes to the spectator policy for home sporting events at Castleton University. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the spring semester kicked off with a fully-online first week. Because of these pandemic concerns, Castleton […]


Teammates to foes in Glenbrook

Former Fair Haven Union High School basketball teammates Ryleigh Coloutti and Kerigan Disorda squared off against each other Wednesday at Castleton’s Glenbrook Gynasium when the 6-4 Lyndon Hornets invaded the 8-6 Spartans for some mid-week, non-conference action. The pair won a division II state title together in 2018 and were […]


Q&A: Castleton’s JaQuincy Bostick talks recent track success

Castleton’s JaQuincy Bostick has emerged as a promising Castleton University athlete, capturing the LEC’s rookie of the week on Jan. 17 for his track performance in the Middlebury Winter Classic. Bostick leaped an impressive 6.23 meters, placing him third in the long jump and sixth in the LEC this season. […]


Men’s hockey fights mental health stigma

The stigma has been haunting male athletes for decades now and it has just started to become a much more normalized issue. It sticks to male athletes because men are taught not to share their emotions and told to “man up” even if they aren’t okay.  This stigma is mental […]


Wrestlers not ‘getting got’

Castleton wrestling Head Coach Scott Legacy came to Castleton six years ago with a goal of putting the Castleton name into the national spotlight.  Now it is becoming reality. The team was named the national team of the week earlier this season when it placed second in the Citrus […]

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What the Hell Happened? Sports bloopers

Alrighty, I’ve been given the green light to share some more sports news. As always, with all the highlights being praised on the news, I’m here to show you the goofs and wacky stuff that make you wonder “what the hell happened?” — Man, what a wild way to cap […]

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Drop in to the park

The squeak of a binding, the thwap of a board, the shing of a rail, and the underlyingly complex park chatter are all things you’ll hear while walking by the terrain park on the Castleton campus.  Senior Adam Osha leans down the ramp, glides through the snow, and launches off […]


MLB commissoner under fire

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred is really in the hot seat with all kinds of backstage drama in the past week. And it does not look pretty for the commissioner at all. Obviously we all know about the MLB lockout. Any kind of team and player connections have been cut off. […]