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What the Hell Happened? Sports bloopers

Alrighty, I’ve been given the green light to share some more sports news. As always, with all the highlights being praised on the news, I’m here to show you the goofs and wacky stuff that make you wonder “what the hell happened?” — Man, what a wild way to cap […]

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Drop in to the park

The squeak of a binding, the thwap of a board, the shing of a rail, and the underlyingly complex park chatter are all things you’ll hear while walking by the terrain park on the Castleton campus.  Senior Adam Osha leans down the ramp, glides through the snow, and launches off […]


MLB commissoner under fire

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred is really in the hot seat with all kinds of backstage drama in the past week. And it does not look pretty for the commissioner at all. Obviously we all know about the MLB lockout. Any kind of team and player connections have been cut off. […]


Announcer’s love for racing

“I very quietly went down and bought a ticket for two weeks and sat in the grandstands. I learned cars, I learned drivers, I learned crew chiefs…They thought I was Mr. Wizard,” said Mark Garrow. It was 41 years ago in Stafford Springs, Connecticut and the Rutland, Vermont native was […]


Winter sports are in full swing

Castleton Spartan athletes will be working hard in the coming weeks as the winter sports proceed through the semester break. The 5-4 men’s basketball team has just barely begun conference play with a loss at Rhode Island College on December 4th and will embark on an all-conference remaining schedule for […]


CU All-Stars represent

This past Saturday, four Castleton University football players represented the school at the Free Agent Football division three Senior Classic All-star Game.  Wide receiver Tony Martinez, defensive back Cole Preavy-Carrier, and defensive linemen Dustin Rock and Chris Rice were among the Castleton athletes participating in the game.  “It was an […]


What the hell happened? Sports Bloopers

Well, here we are ladies and gents. The last crop of stupid sports bloopers, and my last time telling you what the hell happened, and jeez was there a lot to break down. Like I could probably fill a whole page of the paper if I wanted to with all […]


Racer turned announcer

Marty Kelly III was driving to Hudson Valley Community College, a 50-minute commute from his home in Bennington, Vermont, and ESPN radio was blaring. He recalls that he was probably running late this day, but instead of parking the car and jumping out to make it to class in time […]


Hooper turned wrestler

“Big Trouble” Ben Bishop, the wrestler, is an “Earth shakin,’ pillar quakin,’” larger than life performer who stands at “6’12”, 15% of a metric ton,” and has begun to make his name dispatching of ‘babyfaces’ and monster ‘heels’ alike.  Ben Crenca, the man, is an “internal recruiter for a data […]


What the hell happend? Sports Bloopers

Okay folks you all know the drill by now. Sports screw-ups, yada-yada-yada makes you say what the hell happened?  Good? All right, let’s rock n’ roll. Actually, before we start, I need to warn you that there will be some negative energy in this installment of What the Hell Happened. […]