CU wrestling coach receives award

  Ever since growing up with Castleton University Wrestling Coach Scott Legacy, Castleton Assistant Wrestling Coach Jeff Whitesell knew he was bound for greatness. Legacy and Whitesell went to the same grade schools and wrestled together all the way through high school. Upon graduation, Legacy and Whitesell left for separate […]


A quarterback’s take on Covid-19

Ever since I was 7 years old, from the second week of August until Thanksgiving, my days were consumed with going to school and going to football practice. In the middle of August, I’m normally grinding out practices drenched in sweat doing different drills and being coached to make me […]


Hunter’s Sports Soliloquies: LeBron or Michael?

So this is exactly what it sounds like it’s going to be, the paper version of my stream of consciousness as it relates to sports. Since quarantine, we’ve all spent ungodly amounts of time sitting in our own rooms, doing some combination of “doomscrolling,” trying to keep up with work, […]

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Retired Major Leaguer visits Journalism Class

Retired Major League pitcher Dave LaPoint is already chatting with students as they trickled in to their 9 a.m. Intro to Journalism Zoom class on Sept. 11. He’s talking about the fan mail that he gets, and how he feels obligated to reply to every letter. “It’s absolutely bad karma […]

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Write about the game, not the locker room

At of the time of writing, the Boston Celtics are down 2-0 to the Miami Heat in the 2020 Eastern Conference Finals, and last night they got exposed by Miami switching to a zone defense in the third quarter and taking back a 17-point deficit. In Game One, Bam Adebayo […]


Arnold and Tempel tackle 4x4x48 challenge

Every four hours, another Instagram post went up. At first, Max Tempel looked confident. His friend, Jeff Arnold, was smiling. Sweat glistened on their faces. Sunglasses were worn in some, head lamps in others. Their eyes never lost a sense of determination, yet exhaustion was evident. Exhaustion is expected though […]


Spartan athletes gear up for non-traditional fall

While there likely won’t be any intercollegiate competition happening for fall athletes in 2020 at Castleton University, teams are still practicing and preparing for when the bell rings and they are called back to take on other schools in competition. The coronavirus pandemic has stripped away competitive sports from nearly […]


The new NASCAR

When we think of things to do during a global pandemic, attending a sporting event is very far down on the list. At one point, even watching a sporting event from home on TV was far-fetched. In the recent months, sports have started to come back to life here in […]

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NASCAR nation discourse over Kyle Larson firing

As some of you may have read, NASCAR driver Kyle Larson got fired from his race team due to him using the N-word during an iRacing event. On Sunday, April 12, a group of both professional and iRacing drivers were participating in a race online. iRacing, which I’ve spoken of […]


Filling the void

There’s nothing like the sights and sounds that come with live sports. Raucous crowds filled with diehard fans. Unlimited energy in the stadium. Top athletes in each sport demonstrating excellence and mastery of their craft with ankle-breaking, jaw-dropping and roof-rattling maneuvers and gestures. But due to COVID-19, the postponement and […]