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Castleton Spartan takes second for best newspaper

David L. Adams Apple Awards Are awarded by the College Media Association (CMA) on a yearly basis, as a “Best of Show” at the CMA Spring Conference. The Castleton University Spartan was awarded the second place award for Best Newspaper at a 4 year institution with under 5,000 undergraduate students […]


Students reflect on Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday made the Democratic presidential candidate picture a lot clearer – essentially a race between two. Bernie Sanders had no problem sweeping the state of Vermont and got the big delegate prize winning California. But former Vice President Joe Biden was really the big winner, taking 10 states and […]


COVID-19 halts travel plans

96,171 confirmed cases. 3,305 reported deaths. So far. These are the continuous growing statistics of the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19. What started in the Wuhan province of China has spread throughout the world. The high rate of infection and transmission has caused an unsuspected impact on study abroad programs. The recent […]


Strong Connection: Castleton IT Department plays with passion

Castleton IT Department plays with passion A couple years ago, four people joined together for a musical performance at a ceremony. It was their first time ever playing together live. The four had two things in common: They love music, obviously, but they also all work in the IT department […]


I am worthy of going to college

I have always had big dreams, even as a child. My first one was to see the end to my line of spinal surgeries, which I accomplished at age 13. It was a painful journey, but one that helped me to see my potential and my perseverance in tough situations. […]

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Baker back on base for CU

A year off from a sport can provide many things for an athlete. Relaxation. Mental and physical recovery. Reassurance. For Castleton University softball team’s third baseman Sara Baker, returning to the program for her senior year is an exciting time for both her and the Spartans, after a wake-up call […]


GMC transfers still settling in

What would it sound like if the place you worked at, your favorite place to go every winter, the place you lived in, or the place you were currently going to school at announced it was closing for good? For Green Mountain College on Jan. 23, 2019, it was silent. […]


New waste law

Effective July, 1 2020, the last phase of Vermont’s Universal Law will take effect, and require that all food waste is transported to composting facilities. Vermont’s Department of Environmental Conservation’s website states that, “If everyone recycled or composted, Vermont could cut its landfill waste by almost half.” These changes will […]

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CU profs. review CJ reform

Criminal justice reform in Vermont is an issue that has been steadily gaining momentum and action in the community, especially over the last several years. This ongoing discussion of what criminal justice in Vermont should look like has the distinct possibility of sparking some radical changes to the system, from […]


The pain of being 6,872 miles away from home

One of my Chinese friends went to the United Kingdom in January last year and after less than half a year, she was found to have major depression. She cried in the dormitory at night and attempted suicide. Her condition disappeared after the school sent her to the hospital. For […]