Castleton raises awareness with a flag

Sunday afternoon, in the parking lot of Jeffords and Stafford halls at Castleton University, more than 50 people gathered to witness and show their support for the Black Lives Matter flag being raised. About half the audience was made up of Castleton faculty, staff and their families along with Castleton […]

Area News

Maya Kraus named student of color advocate

Castleton University created a new position that gives students of color an outlet to express their concerns and talk about racial issues in their lives and on campus. In late September, Dean Gillian Galle sent out an email to Castleton faculty, staff, and students announcing professor of dance Maya Kraus […]

News Politics

Presidential debate disappoints

Millions of Americans tuned in last Tuesday to watch the first presidential debate of 2020. Marybeth Lennox-Levins, associate professor and sport management program coordinator, was one of many who were left stunned by the display seen on the screen.  “It was a bit like running into a brick wall with […]


Time to step up and vote

Millions of eligible Americans are not registered to vote. Millions of registered voters never cast ballots. I often hear, “my vote doesn’t matter, I’m in a [put color here] state.” A destructive and untrue mindset. Each vote has an impact. The elections might not go your way, but you let […]

News Sports

Retired Major Leaguer visits Journalism Class

Retired Major League pitcher Dave LaPoint is already chatting with students as they trickled in to their 9 a.m. Intro to Journalism Zoom class on Sept. 11. He’s talking about the fan mail that he gets, and how he feels obligated to reply to every letter. “It’s absolutely bad karma […]


Protestors march daily in Burlington

May of 2020 saw an uproar of protests following the murder of George Floyd, a black man at the hands of a white police officer, a trend America has seen for far too long. By June of 2020, the nation was reintroduced to the protesting of injustices, but at a […]


Spiro lightens mood at unusual Convocation

At this point in 2020, most people are accustomed to experiencing unprecedented events. Unprecedented is a word we’ve all heard many times, and now can describe this year’s convocation at Castleton University. With Castleton’s coronavirus guidelines – the Spartan Pledge – eliminating the possibility large crowds, convocation was presented in […]


Ignoring the pandemic won’t be tolerated in Castleton

When Castleton University announced students would be returning to campus for the fall semester, it did not come without concern from the community. In the midst of a pandemic, residents wondered why one of the safest states would bring college students back from all over the country.   In his […]


Students, president shocked over stabbing

When you think of college parties, you probably envision of cheap beer, loud music, crowded rooms, and one too many Instagram pictures with your friends. But Castleton University students could not have imagined what happened on Saturday, Aug. 22. “My thoughts when it happened were ‘oh look, drunk kids fighting, […]


Castleton University announces first Covid case

One Castleton University student has tested positive for Covid-19, according to an announcement from Dean of Students Dennis Proulx. The email, which was sent to Castleton students and faculty Monday morning, states that of the 791 students tested, the University has received 84% of the tests back. The results conclude […]