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Students wary of VSC merger

In 2018, the Vermont State College System underwent a merger of Johnson State College and Lyndon State College into the now Northern Vermont University at Johnson and Lyndon, respectively. Now, the VSCS is considering merging state schools – including Castleton University – into one Vermont State University.  The Community College […]


Some students excited, some nervous about return to in-person classes

  As the fall semester comes to a close, students are reflecting on its oddities, and are cautiously optimistic for changes in the spring. After Castleton University saw a completely virtual fall semester, the school has appointed a new schedule to take place during the spring semester. On Oct. 16, […]


CU student rides social media success

  Social media has become a big part of our daily lives, especially for Generation Z. Students on Castleton University’s campus may spend their free time browsing Twitter, scrolling through Instagram, and watching TikToks. But one student has made a career out of it. “I’ve been doing social media now […]


Students pass culminating essay with distinction

As one of the requirements to graduate from Castleton University, students must pass a 90-minute culminating essay showing a mastery of writing standards set by the university. And while most pass, a small number of students pass with distinction and those overseeing the essay recently released a list of those […]


CU students care for Castleton

The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t put a damper on Professor Dave Blow’s Media Ethics class’ annual plan to help the community this holiday season. For the past six years, Blow has encouraged his students to get involved in helping local families in need and help them make an impact that can […]

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Students react to monumental election

Castleton University senior Jac Culpo heard a buzz from his phone. He looked at it and realized America had chosen the next President of the United States.  His phone screen presented the words “Joe Biden is president” and he immediately felt all the stress and anxiety and tension from the last few days leave […]

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Election night reflection

It’s 1:49 a.m. on the night of the election (technically the morning after the election) and I can’t sleep. I tried to distract myself with homework. I tried to distract myself with mindless TV. I tried to distract myself with old videos of Bernie Sanders. I know that the official […]


CU students part of statewide Election Day coverage

Castleton University students and Spartan reporters will be representing our school at the polls this Election Day as a part of a collaborative “Community News” initiative with the University of Vermont. Adrianna Maher, Sophia Buckley-Clement, Spartan editor Ryan Boeke, Marty Kelly, Hunter Smith, Jana DeCamilla, Brooke Rubright and Lily Doton […]


Creating community despite Covid

Students and leaders at Castleton University have been working on organizing activities and programs, like the Castleton Cup, bonfires, and weekend events to bring students together safely during COVID this semester. There are opportunities for students to be a part of Castleton and included in their communities, they say, even […]