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Granger house to turn into museum with grant

The Granger House is one of the oldest in Castleton’s history, and an icon of the university. Dating back to around 1850, the recent receipt of a massive grant is going to allow the Granger House to keep making history—now as a newly renovated museum.  “[The] grant of a little […]

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It’s not to early to start investing

As a college student, you are learning about careers and deciding on your future.  But as many college students get closer to graduating, they start to look at the next steps, jobs and investing. But what if I told you that you can start investing today?  Now let’s break […]

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How Gamestop went to the moon

Over the last few months, a struggling stock has gone from mere ashes to the biggest investment outlier in modern history. How is this possible you may ask? Well, it’s not, according to investment theories. What we were seeing was a great example supply and demand. A stock is […]


Out of state students decrease at CSC

Most students return from summer excited to start the new year, but some students, like Martina Marchese, return knowing it’s going to be their last. “This summer I started talking to my mother about the process of applying to SUNY Albany,” the Castleton sophomore said. The decision to leave was […]


Book rentals save big $

Summer sunshine is starting to fade away in Vermont. Yellow buses whiz past to deliver bouncing bodies to a restless world. The trees start to hint at colors hidden below their green shell. School is back in session.     To Castleton, this means leaving summer lives behind for a […]