Calm Eyes

A breakdown… you get around, but all leads to… a sad, empty playground. Being by yourself gets old, once you’ve done, all that an old soul… can do. Looking at the darkness through the curtains. You take a peek, at the future leak soon to disrupt… your future week. Taking […]


Burlington videographer looking to expand

The state of Vermont is experiencing a quasi-renaissance creatively and has been since the turn of the decade, with numerous musical artists making a national impact. One of the emerging faces at the forefront of this movement, alongside artists like 99 Neighbors and North Ave Jax, is Kelly Butts-Spirito.  A […]


‘Proud Family’ reboot offers lessons

After years of being told they aren’t doing enough with their platform, the Disney company is trying to revive its cultural authenticity. This year for Black History Month, the company launched a “Celebrate soul-fully” campaign, promising a “variety of soul-stirring experiences in February 2022 in honor of Black History Month.” […]

Arts Opinion

No spoilers: “The Power of the Dog” film review

Elvira Rodriguez is a junior Media & Communication major and movie buff. This week, she’s reviewing the 2021 Oscar nominated western drama, “The Power of the Dog,” and drawing comparisons to the 2007 film, “There Will be Blood”. Jane Campion is a writer and director who isn’t discussed a lot […]


‘Euphoria’ draws mixed reactions from students

It’s nearly impossible to go on any social media platform and not see someone talking about the latest season of “Euphoria.”  But as this highly anticipated second season plays out; more and more people are asking questions about the morality of the show and the issues it speaks about.  Senior […]

Arts Features

Communicating through art

Jasper Lynch is an artist, student, and aspiring art educator. What started out as doodling as a child has evolved into powerful and thought-provoking pieces. “Most of the stuff I made was focused on the shows I used to enjoy but now the works I make are more personal,” he […]


Amped up: workout playlists of CU

So I walk into the campus gym, hoping to see some people on their own, just jamming away to some tunes in their head.  That wasn’t the case. I go up to a group of three students: Dylan Lupien, Nate Coulter, and Ethan Ringquist, and I ask them the big […]

Arts Features

Castleton ’fit check

Can you walk me through what you’re wearing? Yeah. So, today, I really wanted to wear this red shirt in particular with this sweater vest that I got two weeks ago from H&M. Usually I tend not to shop there, but if I do, I feel like I want to […]

Arts News

Radio club gets facelift and new location

Everyone has dreamed about being on the radio, introducing all their favorite songs for the rest of the world to hear.  For Castleton students, this dream just got a little closer to becoming reality.  “I want to be able to encourage people to play the sort of music they want […]


Pearl’s Poems

“An Apple Never Picked”  This poem was inspired while sitting across from my friend at a Huden Dining Hall table, just a few days before the recent NAACP Pie and Poetry event. I was desperately trying to come up with a poetry idea to share, then she looked down at […]