Djembe drums connect music to soul

Music has the power to heal deep traumas, to connect us to ourselves and with our fellow humans of past, present and future. I was reminded of this after a powerful experience in professor Jared Shapiro’s Global Music course. Guest speaker Gary Meitrott visited the class on Jan. 28 armed […]

Arts Features

Alum unveils new play

It was late in the evening on Friday night. Students start filing into the dance studio, getting ready for what the night has in store for them. Daniel Jackson, an actor, sits in the corner by himself reading over his script. Adam Murray, the stage manager, sets up black boxes […]


Who’s best dressed?

The Grammy’s are not only music’s biggest night, but arguably a major fashion moment. While we can argue for hours on who should’ve won this, and who didn’t deserve that, I’m here to talk about the looks, the moments, the eye-catching gowns and suits and everything in between. Because we’re […]

Arts Columns

Dissecting Jimi Hendrix’s ‘May This Be Love’

Music is one of the most powerful and influential things in my life. To me, music is therapy. When I’m down, music lifts me up. I like to analyze it for meaning. It’s such a huge part of my life. This column will dive into my love for music from […]


Thrane thrives at CU

The Spartan newspaper has seen many familiar faces grace it’s pages, from sports stars to theatre regulars, to active members on campus. For one student on campus, it’s finally her time to shine. Jordan Thrane, a senior acting and direction major, is a well-known face on campus. She’s usually in […]


From CU to behind the camera at Red Rocks

In a small Colorado town, music blares from the large speakers overtaking the natural masterpiece. The sound echoes through the starry night as rocky red patterns decorate the venue. Thousands of people are grooving, and one Castleton alumnus sits right up front in the best seat on the rocks. Matt […]


Slick moves

On a cold and windy Friday morning last week, Castleton University dance professor Maya Kraus took her speaker up the icy steps of Woodruff Hall and began to dance. Onlookers stood outside of Leavenworth in coats and sweaters chatting as Kraus moved up and down the steps. “It’s definitely an […]


Dissecting ‘The Wall’ Part 3

Music is one of the most powerful and influential things in my life. To me, music is therapy. When I’m down, music lifts me up. When I go on my 4-hour drive from Connecticut to Vermont, what gets me through is music. It’s such a huge part of my life. […]


Explore your own fashion style

When it comes to self-expression, many people will find it in different ways whether it be art, music, sports, or writing. But everyone is able to similarly express who they are through their clothes. Style and fashion is a personal thing, which is the best part about it. The way […]


Art League club hopes to spread the love of art

The creative side of Castleton University now has a new outlet through a new club on campus known as the Art League. Recently revived by students Haydn Renouf and Jasmin Gomez, artists now have an opportunity to come together. “Art is honestly my life,” Renouf, president of the club, said. […]