Tattoos of CU

  It’s no secret that tattoos are often still considered taboo in many societal circles. Consider certain workplaces, social situations, and religious groups that look down on tattoos or require cover-up or altogether abstinence. There are more than a few to be named.  Though the practice of getting tattooed is […]


Almost as it once was…

Castleton University’s Theater Arts department put on its usual spring semester shows this past weekend. Just a little differently this time. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the theater program opted for multiple virtual short-plays that audiences can buy and stream online, instead of their usual spring musical.  They coined these […]


A senior’s one woman show

  In light of the pandemic shutting down theater across the world, one senior has taken it upon herself to create one more lasting memory before she graduates. Cydney Krone, a senior at Castleton University, is set to premiere her one woman show this week, called I’m Not Afraid of […]


You don’t have to protect me anymore

Middle school sucked. Really, really bad. I know that it may seem weird for a college student to write about their middle school traumas, but who would have thought that 14-year-old me would still be present in 21-year-old me.  As I try to grow, and live my life as a […]


Art shows that can’t be seen

Nic Hooker is a senior studio art student whose senior show has been up in the Calvin Coolidge Library since November of 2020.  When Hooker came into the library to check the display, they found some of their work had fallen from the wall, a sculpture was knocked off its […]

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Absolutely dying to dye her hair

As I sat in the brightly lit room waiting for my son’s dentist to come in, I felt a twinge of self-consciousness as I looked around at the blonde mom across the room and the brunette helping Cire brush his teeth.  I uncomfortably played with the string on my sweatpants, […]

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New technology across CU campus

  Castleton University has upgraded its classrooms with new technology in light of virtual and hybrid learning due to the coronavirus pandemic.  On Feb. 11, James Lambert shared an email  with Castleton students, faculty, and staff announcing a new telepresence classroom in the library, detailed with high-tech cameras, microphones, speakers, […]

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Reacting to ‘Framing Britney Spears’

Britney Spears is not in charge of her finances or many elements of her life. But could a documentary change that? “Framing Britney Spears” is a documentary on the FX series “The New York Times Presents” about the star’s ongoing battle for independence.   It covers the entirety of her […]