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Coaches coping with COVID

Castleton University winter sports got back to some type of normality, but the coaches say it’s anything but normal.  Between quarantine housing and seasons getting cancelled, coaches at Castleton say they are doing their best to adapt to the circumstances.  Safety has become the number one priority for most coaches […]

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What does merger mean for CU?

Castleton University is facing major changes in the coming semesters after the Vermont State Colleges System Board of Trustees officially voted in favor of the controversial merger of three of its subsidiary universities.  Passed on Feb. 22,  the proposal was originally developed by the Select Committee on the Future of […]

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The great debate: Millennials v. Gen Z

You may have seen it; TikToks, tweets and everything in between documenting an earth-shattering debate involving side-parts, skinny jeans and laughing emojis.   The debate over who has the better style has become a trending topic on social media. From Gen-Z’ers “cancelling” Eminem for controversial lyrics to a […]

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Freshmen cope with pandemic

First, they missed out on their senior year of high school. Now, they’re facing their first year of college during a pandemic. And it hasn’t been easy. “I just didn’t expect it to be like this. My first year here and I can’t even say I know anyone other than […]

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A simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way

This semester at Castleton University at the end of classes, some students have been offering a simple “thank you” to their professors as class is ending. In other classes, however, it has been just a scene of rapid black boxes leaving the Zoom screen.  Professor Heidi Welch, the director of […]

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‘Everyone Eats’ in Vermont — including college students

As COVID relief efforts continue to disproportionally impact college students –specifically adult dependents – more and more students are facing food and housing insecurity. Roughly 39% of college students reported food insecurity this past year, according to an annual survey conducted across 227 collegiate schools by Hope Center for College, […]

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International skiers find success at CU

Castleton University’s Alpine ski teams have been building momentum and hope for the future with young athletes turning in good results among Division I skiers at local slopes during this modified COVID season. As documented in the previous issue of the Castleton Spartan, the normal United States Collegiate Ski […]